Burger King Employee Draws Pig On Cop's Burger, So BK Starts Firing People

A New Mexico police officer had a drawing of a pig on his Burger King order and the company fired five workers

Clovis, NM – A New Mexico police officer ordered a hamburger at a Burger King and was given his food in a bag with a picture of a pig drawn on it.

Clovis Police Officer Timo Rosenthal was wearing his uniform during a break when he stopped at the Burger King, according to KRQE.

Not only was the slur for police drawn on the bag, but the hamburger was burned and was of very poor quality, according to Rosenthal.

Burger King said it has investigated and has found the people responsible for the picture of the pig.

The fast-food chain said it has fired five employees that were responsible for the incident, according to KRQE.

Burger King released a statement according to KRQE that stated it does not support that kind of treatment against anyone, including police officers.

There have been a string of incidents involving public safety employees being disrespected at restaurants around the country lately.

On July 26, a manager at Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse asked a local law enforcement official to leave the restaurant because the officer had a gun, which is a violation of state law.

Under Texas state law, an off-duty peace officer is allowed to take his gun in public establishments, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

The restaurant released a statement apologizing for the mistake.

Also in July, a local paramedic was denied service at a Florida McDonald’s when the worker said “we don’t serve your kind here,” according to Newsweek.

Anthony Quinn, the paramedic, posted on Facebook that he walked into the McDonald’s to use the restroom and was told by the female employee that anyone with a badge is not served. Quinn said his partner walked up to the counter to order food and was told “we don’t serve your kind here.”

The company that runs the McDonald’s apologized and fired the worker, according to Newsweek.

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About time we ALL start standing up to these damn snowflakes that want a war on LEO's and other first responders !


Good for Burger King. As cops in today's F'ed up world, a quick word of advice. Pack your lunch or buy off a food truck where you can watch what's going on. F the low life fast food employees who hate the police. There are a great majority of them.


WTF?? 5 employees in the same fast food restaurant?? What is wrong with these people?? Thank you Burger King for doing the right thing. But this war on police has got to stop!! The misinformation perpetrated by the left and the liberal media is out of control!!! Too many weak minded low IQ people believe every word they say and this is what it's come to. SMDH

Enough already
Enough already

When these people are fired for doing this crap they need their names and faces posted so everyone knows who they are. You can be darn sure if it had been a racial slur we would know who they were.