VIDEO: Deputy Politely Asks Man To Step Out Of Car, So The Man Pulls A Gun

Sandy Malone

Bodycam video captured the frightening moment when Alphonso Brooks pulled a gun on a deputy during a traffic stop.

Bunnell, FL Video captured the moment a convicted felon pulled a gun on a deputy during a traffic stop in Flagler County on Thursday (video below).

The Flagler County Sheriffs Office released a statement on their official Facebook page that said the incident began on Aug. 16 when a Deputy J. Gibson Smith pulled over Alphonso Brooks for a stop sign violation.

Flagler County Sheriffs K9 Deputy Jonathan Duenas and Bunnell Police Officer Matthew Hirschi arrived to back up the first deputy, and Deputy Duenas deployed K9 Valor to do a narcotics search on the exterior of Brooks vehicle.

K9 Valor indicated the possible presence of drugs inside the vehicle, and so Deputy Duenas explained the alert to Brooks, the video showed.

Bodycam video showed as Brooks told Deputy Duenas that he didnt have any drugs in the vehicle, and said that his wife was the only other person who had been in the vehicle.

This is my work vehicle, man, Brooks told the deputy.

He said he didnt even smoke weed, the video showed.

Listen, I understand that. But Im trying to ask you if theres any other reason why you think my dog would have alerted to this vehicle? Deputy Duenas asked.

Brooks insisted again that there were no drugs in the vehicle, the bodycam showed.

Deputy Duenas explained to Brooks that K9 Valors alert gave authorities probably cause to search his vehicle, and asked him to step out of it.

So Im going to ask that you step out, and Im going to make sure that you dont have any weapons on you. Im just going to pat you down, okay? the deputy explained in the video.

Brooks proceeded to light a fresh cigarette, and then made as if to get out of the car.

The deputy stood back to allow the man to exit his vehicle, and politely told Brooks that he could keep his cigarette, the video showed.

But Brooks did not immediately stand up. Instead, he turned sideways and put his feet outside the vehicle, and then he scooting forward awkwardly twice.

Then he leaned forward and looked back behind the police vehicle, as if to see who else was around, the video showed.

Man, theres too many g------ned cops out there, boy. Im scared, man, Brooks said.

Deputy Duenas told Brooks to step out of the car, and as the driver began to do so, his expression changed, the video showed.

As he stood, Deputy Smith and Officer Hirshi could see Brooks reach back into the drivers seat and grab and a firearm with his right hand, according to the Flagler County Sheriffs Offices statement.

As he stood up, the grip of the pistol was grasped in his right palm with his fingers wrapped around the grip, consistent with how a firearm is fired, the statement read.

Deputy Smith began yelling gun gun gun! as a warning to the other officers, the video showed.

At that point, Deputy Duenas pinned the suspect up against the frame of the vehicle, causing Brooks to drop the gun to the ground, the departments statement said.

Listen to me, I will f--king kill you, Deputy Duenas told Brooks in the video. Are you insane?

Then he told the others to come assist him with taking Brooks into custody.

This encounter could have quickly become a deputy involved shooting caused by the suspects actions, Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said. Deputies Duenas and Smith along with Bunnell Officer Hirshi showed great restraint and are safe because of their training and teamwork. This could have had a very different outcome with the death of Brooks or a deputy of officer.

Im just so proud of our people because theyre well trained, they know that the use of deadly force is the last resort, Sheriff Rick Staly told Flagler Live. But quite often these cases occur are the result of the suspects actions, which could have been the case last night.

Police recovered Brooks weapon at the scene and said his .32-caliber handgun was not loaded, prompting speculation that he may have been attempting suicide-by-cop, according to Flagler Live.

The police report made no mention of any drugs having been found in the vehicle, Flagler Live reported.

Police arrested Brooks on charges that included aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of ammunition by a convicted felon, and carrying a concealed firearm. He was being held at the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility on a $50,000 bond.

The Flagler County Sheriffs Office statement said that Brooks had two prior felony convictions one for an aggravated battery conviction in 2002, and another for attempted child molestation in a case involving a child younger than 16 in 1997.

Brooks has done three separate prison stints, the last of which ended in 2010, Flagler Live reported.

Watch the incident from the perspective of Deputy Duenas bodycam in the video below:

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3...2...1...Liberal tizzy fit: "He threatened to kill that poor innocent man! He should be fired!"


Animal thug!


Another "innocent" loser


Nice reaction from the officer. I'm sure if they had shot him the family would have cried that the gun wasn't loaded and "demanded" ( the word they ALWAYS use in these situations) the officers be fired and then asked for a couple million to help them get over their pain.


Those mean racist cops forced that poor black gentleman to pull a gun. Fuck the POlice. Does that just about cover CNN's response? I wish they would blown him away.


another thug, old ass one too. I'm afraid our LEOs are becoming more reluctant to shoot because of all the crap and orders being thrown their way and are in more danger than ever. If I was that officer i would have shot him with no hesitation instead of disarming him. thankfully, it worked out for the officer like it did, they got to go home to their families. Stay strong, stay safe.


Good reactions by all the officers involved. Sounds to me like they stopped a suicide by cop from happening.


What the hell? People, you CANNOT pull a gun on a police officer! This man could have easily been shot by police because of his actions! He knew when they searched his vehicle they would have found his gun, which for a conviction ex felon, is illegal. Yes, he would have been arrested for having the gun . BUT, because of his actions he made the situation much worse and furthermore additional felony charges will be made and he will most likely go to prison AGAIN!! When will people learn to just obey all laws and you will have nothing to fear!! Especially black citizens, just stop breaking the law, stop carrying guns illegally and your life will be safe!!!


to ABWhite, Respectfully , there are good and bad no matter what the skin color. I fully support and commend those minority LEOs , religious community leaders , and common citizens who do live a good life and are trying to make a positive difference in their own communities ........but most others also realize it is not about skin color. It is about troubling behaviors, lack of personal responsibility for own actions, morals ,values, beliefs, attitudes, etc. which continually plague the black community. Unfortunately the crime being committed by blacks is hugely disproportionate to the crime committed by other groups in the US. Of 12% total black population if you then remove those M& F over the age of 40 and M&F children under age 12 from consideration ( who typically don't contribute to the problems anywhere near the same magnitude ) then you are left with approximately 5-6% of the entire US black population who are perpetuating the vast majority of violent crime in the USA., and with a good portion of it perpetrated against their fellow blacks . Yes a crook is a crook is a crook whether white,black, yellow ,green ,purple or tutti fruiti.......but when you research the facts you will see for yourself that this one group is a huge standout.


He knew he was up shits Creek without a paddle when he open the door and seen all the cops. He wasn't prepared for that and he already had his hands on his gun .That should have tased him just for being stupid.