Bruce Willis Lies To The World About Die Hard's Status As A Christmas Movie

Bruce Willis made a mind-blowing announcement that has shaken the very foundations of dedicated "Die Hard" fans.

Los Angeles, CA – After years of holiday hype and after appearing on numerous lists of a best-ever Christmas movies, the star of “Die Hard” made a stunning announcement on Saturday.

Bruce Willis, in his final monologue during the filming of “The Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis,” gave his answer regarding the characterization of the 1988 action classic, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

He said that despite the fact that his character, John McClane, was visiting his estranged wife and children at a Christmas party in the high rise building where her office was located on Christmas Eve, that’s not how he sees the movie.

“’Die Hard’ is not a Christmas movie!” Willis announced to a stunned audience of Hollywood elite.

Bruce Willis is wrong.

He also did not seem concerned about the large group of fans who consider the film to be an epic holiday flick.

When The Hollywood Reporter asked Willis how he thought those fans might react to his proclamation, the venerated action-movie star would only say “We’ll see.”

“Die Hard” fans went nuts when the announcement was reported, and many responded with snarky posts on social media.

Those committed to the Christmas connection for the movie insisted that it didn’t matter what Willis had to say because he’d only been the star of the movie, not its creator.

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I'm gonna catch ya, gonna cook ya, and I'm gonna eat ya.


Definitely NOT a christmas movie!! It's a violent thriller simple as that. Just because it was set at Christmas does not make it a christmas movie.


He's right, it's not a Christmas movie. It is a movie about terrorists that rob a vault. Just so happens it takes place on Christmas Eve. That doesn't mean it hasn't become a Christmas past time.