Broward Sheriff's Deputy Arrested For Stealing Toys In Uniform

A Broward Sheriff's Office deputy was arrested on multiple counts of petty theft last Monday morning.

Lauderdale Lakes, FL – A veteran Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy was arrested last Monday morning, after he was accused of shoplifting Star Wars action figures while in uniform.

According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Henry Guzman, a 13-year veteran of the department, committed the offenses multiple occasions over the course of three days, WSVN reported.

Walmart worked with the department’s Public Corruption Unit and discovered that Deputy Guzman, 44, had stolen a total of approximately $200 worth of merchandise from the retailer on May 2, May 9, and May 17, FOX News reported.

In addition to the Star Wars toys, Deputy Guzman allegedly took “Deadpool” action figures, and DVDs including “Dirt,” and “Fifty Shades of Freed,” according to the Miami Herald.

He placed the items into his inner vest on every occasion.

Deputy Guzman was supposed to be working a “special detail” at the Florida Medical Center during the timeframe that the offenses were committed, police said.

“He did it in full uniform,” Broward Sheriff Scott Israel told WSVN.

“Our public corruption deputies received this information, they followed it diligently, and at the end of the trail, they had to arrest one of their own,” Sheriff Israel said. “Not an easy thing to do, but they did their job, because they know no one is above the law.”

"His actions are disgraceful, and in no way are a reflection of the good, hardworking men and women of the Broward Sheriff's Office,” the sheriff added, according to the Miami Herald.

Deputy Guzman was taken to the Broward County Jail, where he was charged with three counts of misdemeanor petty theft, according to WSVN.

He has since been released from jail, and was placed on paid suspension, FOX News reported.

“He is expected to be suspended without pay after the State Attorney’s Office formally files the charges,” sheriff’s office spokesperson Veda Coleman-Wright explained.

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@ShelbyCole - preemptive strike here before you start in on this. You're always accusing this sure of not covering stories like this. Well here you go. This is really disturbing. I'm glad they acted quickly and correctly!


A thief in uniform. If the allegations are true, fire his ass.


First this sheriff has a deputy that ran from gun fire when kids were being murdered at Florida school, now a deputy stole Star Wars action figures while on duty in full uniform. What kind of people is democrat hiring!!


If he's guilty, they should make an example out of him.