Broward Schools Can't Find Qualified Candidates To Be Armed Guardians

The Broward County School District aimed to have 80 trained armed guardians by Aug. 15.

Parkland, FL – The Broward County School District has received 140 applications from citizens who want to become armed guardians in area schools, but only 35 of those applicants have passed the initial screening process, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Fort Lauderdale City Manager Lee Feldman said he expects that only five of the individuals who passed the initial screening will eventually be qualified enough to be hired.

Florida state law now mandates that at least one armed guardian or police officer be assigned to every school, and the district planned to have at least 80 trained armed guardians on-site at the schools by the time students return to class on Aug. 15.

The position's starting pay is $25,000 per year, and applicants must have at least two years of experience as a “sworn law enforcement officer” or two years of military experience in order to qualify, according to the job posting.

They must also have experience working with teens, are required to pass drug and psychological tests, and must complete 144 hours of firearm safety and diversity training.

Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie’s Chief of Staff, Jeff Moquin, said that many of the disqualified applicants had experience as corrections officers, but didn’t meet the district’s requirements for experience as sworn law enforcement officers, the Sun Sentinel reported.

“We’re going to recommended we tweak the job description to cast a bigger net,” Moquin said. “Consideration is being given on whether there is a need to clarify the job description requirements to specifically state experience as a corrections officer meets the minimum qualifications.”

The school board will have the final say on whether the proposed alteration is approved.

On a temporary basis, the Broward Sheriff’s Office has agreed to assign deputies to some of the schools in its jurisdiction. The school district also employs 18 sworn officers, and may hire off-duty officers as well, Moquin said.

“The district is exploring various options to ensure a certified law enforcement officer or guardian is assigned to every school,” he told the Sun Sentinel.

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Stall tactics from the Loons!


Pure bullshit!!! They already had a supposed officer there to protect the one school (BTW - they booked). You get what you pay for...period. Looks to me that at that pay base, they are looking for volunteers. What a ruse this whole circus has been. Sorry...not sorry!


That's because it was an FBI agent doing the shooting (as per teacher witness). That's why all the Sheriff's men were told to SAY OUTSIDE. Guess who the First Responders were? FBI! What a coincidence! Students also claimed MULTIPLE SHOOTERS. Where's the camera footage? What about the ballistics report?


What the hell does diversity have to do with protecting school kids! Knowing how to properly handle a firearm and being able to protect innocent kids is all that is needed!


@WalterL48 What strain of sativa do you smoke, and how can i get some? That's definitely not a sober comment.


@LEO0301 & @Hi_estComnDenomn , I believe @WalterL48 was quite specific. Now you don't have to believe a conspiracy theory, but if you try to troll a clear statement of facts(as writer believes), you bring additional weight to the conspiracy theory. And frankly, having prior knowledge of Hi's other posts, Hi's two cents adds $1 to whatever writer he's mocking.


@qazwiz First off, where are you getting "clear statement of facts" from? I saw no proof of his claims. And no, calling bullshit out does not add weight to a theory, unless you're just as cat shit as he sounded.


@ReserveDepty3431 totally agree ! And I'm hoping they will allow corrections officers to qualify.


$12.02 an hour, this is their proposed wage for these people. The union janitor or lunch lady is likely to make more.


35 Things I trust more than a Broward County School District Security Guard:

  1. That Kim Kardashian's butt is real

  2. Dining hall sushi

  3. My cheating ex-boyfriend

  4. Bill Cosby bartending

  5. When pledge drivers say you are the next ride on their list

  6. People who use the term "swag"

  7. My mom's compliments

  8. Freshmen

  9. The "you just won a million dollars" pop up add

  10. Gas station hot dogs

  11. The Cincinnati Zoo

  12. My professor when he says "this class is easy if you just read"

  13. The Tupac conspiracy theory

  14. Any guy who says "you are the only girl I talk to"

  15. Bill Clinton

  16. An Über driver with a criminal record

  17. Community showers without shoes on

  18. Tiger Woods

  19. Lifestyle condoms

  20. The amount of weight a guy says he can lift

  21. Hipsters when they say they were the first person ever to hear a song

  22. T-Pain saying he doesn't autotune his voice

  23. That Pretty Little Liars will actually end this year

  24. Shonda Rhimes after she killed off Derek Shepherd

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  29. Casey Anthony in a room alone with a newborn

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  33. The "new" horoscopes

  34. My boyfriend saying he didn't forget our anniversary

  35. An elevator ride with T-Bag from Prison Break


well there it is folks, a troll's list designed to belittle but actually obfuscates a list put out by a questioner.... a questioner being portrayed as a whacko because he sees the facts of a shooting and points out how the facts fit a conspiracy narrative .. . . first off, Mr HIGH troll, a list of facts never needs proof, only a list to be relied on needs proof. and i said he presented a "list of facts(as writer believes)" as opposed to the above list of thirty five items, each numbered #1, that the writer didn't believe despite professing his belief in the list.

now tell me, for clarification, DO YOU BELIEVE A BULLET CAN MAKE A PATH CHANGE one so profound that it might look like two bullets had been fired? the movies have us laughing at the possibility ("ting, ping, bing, ping" style) but there are credible reports of it happening not once but twice... if it didn't then the "grassy knoll" conspiracy did occur and those "nut job conspiracy theorists" are no longer so nut job.

frankly, i see "FBI/NSA ORDERING POLICE TO BACKOFF" as much more probable than "ONE BULLET, THREE TRAJECTORY WOUNDS" because police, like military, are trained to follow orders.

so do I believe it? no opinion at this moment.. it doesn't make me a wacko to listen to him any more than answering a troll makes me a troll. anyone who automatically believes is a sheep being led to slaughter, but If i'm the only one listening before jumping to conclusions, then I'm the lone lemming surviving this witch hunt. (pardon the mixed metaphor)


@qazwiz Dummy. That's not me. It is a troll account created by a douchebag designed to fool people just like you into thinking i troll. If you look carefully, i spell my name with 1 N at the end, his is with 2.

Please be more responsible on the internet. Know who you're talking to first next time.


i know you are either a troll or an ill-informed ass not worthy of a kindergarten diploma.

and this response is proof you control both accounts...

you see, only the 2n account would have received notice of my post, a response by a troll, because i didn't @Hi_estComnDenomn to inform you, yet less than ten minutes later your real account responds...

so as i @ connected this be sure to respond with the correct account this time.

oh, and if you were correct, only an ignoramus would allow such an obvious rules violation to go unreported... any web site can IP and MAC ADDRESS ban, oh but if you report the problem, ALL YOUR TROLL ACCOUNTS WILL BE BANNED


@LordSeamus why would any Corrections officer (in good repute) want to be paid less than his corrections pay? that suggested pay is less than $25k IF ITS 40/w 52w/y (which likely is only 3/4th of that at best, summer vacation) meanwhile

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the 434,870 correctional officers working in the United States in 2011 earned an average annual salary of $43,550. Officers in the lowest ten percent of this profession earned up to $27,000, while those in the top ten percent earned salaries of $69,610 on average.

so it's a pay cut for correctional officers