BREAKING VIDEO: Arlington Police Shoot Man In Parks Mall Food Court


Police in Arlington's Parks Mall shot a suspect in front of a horrified crowd of holiday shoppers.

Arlington, TX - Arlington Police in Parks Mall shot a suspect in the mall's food court area Sunday evening.

The incident happened when an Arlington PD officer confronted a theft suspect near the food court. The suspect then drew a replica type gun and the officer responded by firing multiple shots.

At least one of the shots hit the suspect in the chest.

The suspect has been transported to the hospital.

The mall is being evacuated and homicide detectives are on scene.

Video of the shooting and aftermath have been spreading on social media.

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My first thought would be suicide by cop, but it'll be interesting to find out more as the investigation proceeds.


Perp created his own destiny.
Perp Pulled a gun cop did what he should of. Dead bang.
Great job Officer. Completed rule number 1 of policing, making sure you go home at the end of your tour.


I wish people would stop videoing this stuff, it just puts bad light on cops when they are just doing their job. We don’t go around videoing you at your place of work.


He signed his own death warrant when he pulled a gun. They can call it what they want, but those guns are oftentimes unidentifiable as a fake unless you examine closely. And now, with the 3D printed guns, it's becoming harder to figure out what is real and what is fake. Either way, good job officers, I hope people don't exploit this situation for some stupid reason.