BREAKING: Two People Shot At Central Michigan University


Two people have been shot at Central Michigan University.

Mt. Pleasant, MI - Two people were shot at Central Michigan University on Friday, and the shooter is still at large.

The shooting happened on or near the 4th floor of Campbell Hall just after 9 a.m., according to CBS Detroit.

Detroit Free Press is reporting that two students were killed in a dorm.

The shooter is still on the loose and has been described as a black male, approximately 5' 9", wearing mustard colored jeans and a blue hoodie. Police are actively searching for him while the campus is on lockdown.

The student's newspaper, CM Life, posted that an an officer told them that the shooter is still on campus.

UPDATE: The victims were identified as parents of the suspect.

UPDATE: More info on person of interest in shooting:

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Another gun free zone.
Gun free zones only means the sheep are guaranteed to be slaughtered.
Better get smart people.
More gun control that criminals already dont follow is not the answer.

Time to get program off the ground for ret cops and ret miltary to be school marshals. Education administrators have to buisness being in incharge
protecting the students.
Thats like having a cop telling a open heart surgeon how to operate.
Totally stupid. Plus lib school administrators can not be trusted to admit
there are crimnal events
in schools
Florida bloodbath proved that 10x over.


So if the ethnicity of the arresting officer is black does that make it bad?