BREAKING: Two Deputies Murdered At Restaurant

Two deputies from the Gilchrist County Sheriff's Officer were fatally shot on Thursday afternoon.

Trenton, FL – Two Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office deputies were murdered by a gunman in downtown Trenton on Thursday afternoon.

WJXT reported that the shooting happened at Ace China Restaurant, located at the intersection of State Road 26 and East Wade Street.

A source told WJXT that the officers returned fire and the gunman died at the scene. Law enforcement officials have not yet confirmed any information about the shooter.

Authorities have not yet released the names of the deputies who were killed.

Gilchrist County is located west of Alachua County in northern Florida.

In 2014, a man fatally shot his daughter, and murdered his six grandchildren, in the town of Bell in Gilchrist County.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement statistics said that 30 deputies work for the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office, WJXT reported.

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How come there was little coverage about this on social media and on the news stories and the TV news shows than there was about the guys that got escorted out of Starbucks by the police for loitering?? This is a sad tragedy with lives lost, but, the other got so much more coverage and air time, WHY?

Judie Dz
Judie Dz

You are absolutely Correct Daggon but how do we begin? So very sorry to the woman who lost her grandson, should have Never happened. God Bless your grandson and your family and give you all comfort.

Fed up franky
Fed up franky

If you call for a death sentence for the murder of cops then there should be the same death penalty for the death of unarmed blacks for officers who murder then write the bullshit report and lie their way through it. Justice for all or stop bitching. Cowards need not wear a badge, its not for sweaty palms.