BREAKING: Two Deputies Down In Los Angeles Gunfight

Christopher Berg

Two deputies were shot Wednesday night.

East Los Angeles, CA - Two deputies were shot at the end of a pursuit Wednesday night.

The incident happened as deputies were pursuing suspects believed to be involved in drive by shootings.

The pursuit ended at Salazar Park and the suspects in the vehicle opened fire on police at around 6:37 p.m. according to KABC-TV.

During the gunfight, two deputies were shot and two suspects were shot. Two other suspects fled from the vehicle and were captured.

One of the suspects was destroyed in the gunfight, and another was transported to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

Officers loaded up the wounded deputies in their patrol cars and transported them to the hospital.

The condition of the wounded deputies has not been released. UPDATE: The deputies are reported to be in stable condition. One suspect is still on the loose. No description has been given.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the wounded deputies and their families.

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Hey Newsom, you going to visit two of our finest? Or you to busy driving up and down the state spreading hate?

No. 1-4

So one of the suspects got the ambulance care?


God be with these officers


So glad none of our LEOs seem to be seriously hurt and who really cares about the POSs that got destroyed or shot, hope they catch the loose POS soon. Offer a reward that'll get him turned in quick by family or friend, as they really have neither. Great job officers. stay strong, stay safe.