BREAKING: Two Arizona Officers Shot In Ongoing Incident

Sandy Malone

Two Chandler police officers were shot early Monday morning and police have surrounded a house where the suspect may be.

Chandler, AZ – Chandler police have surrounded a home where they believe the man who shot two police officers early Monday morning is hiding.

Chandler police said the incident began just after 1 a.m. on April 27 when officers saw a “suspicious” person as they were patrolling near Arizona Avenue and Chandler Boulevard, according to KPHO reported.

When officers approached the suspect, he fled, but then turned back and opened fire on the police.

One officer was hit, and another bullet struck a nearby house, but then the suspect escaped, KPHO reported.

The wounded officer was transported to the hospital, treated, and released.

But then, just after 7 a.m., another officer was shot about 100 yards from where the first shooting took place, KPHO reported.

The second wounded officer was transported to the hospital as police searched the area for the shooter.

Reports were that the second officer was shot in his bullet-proof vest but police have not yet released any official information on his condition.

Police have surrounded a home located at Delaware Street near East Galveston Street where they believe the suspect is hiding, the Arizona Republic reported.

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