BREAKING: Two Anne Arundel County Detectives Shot

Holly Matkin

The unidentified gunman shot two detectives in two separate encounters late Wednesday night.

Anne Arundel County, MD – Two Anne Arundel County police detectives were shot by a potential murder suspect as they were investigating a homicide late Wednesday night.

A manhunt is underway for the gunman, who is described as a six-foot-tall white male with a thin build and possibly tattoos on his neck and/or face, Anne Arundel County Police Department (AACPD) Sergeant Jacklyn Davis said during a press conference early Thursday morning.

The incident began at approximately 5 p.m. on Wednesday night, when the AACPD received a report of a death in the 600-block of Newfield Road, Sgt. Davis explained.

Detectives arrived at the scene to find the body of an adult male who had suffered “upper body trauma,” at which point they began conducting a homicide investigation, the sergeant said.

The detectives soon discovered that the victim’s vehicle was missing.

At approximately 11 p.m., investigators located the victim’s vehicle in the Fort Smallwood area of Baltimore and attempted to initiate a traffic stop.

“When they did that, the suspect shot one of our detectives,” Sgt. Davis told reporters.

The wounded detective disengaged from the pursuit and was able to get help.

He was rushed to a local hospital, where he remains in critical, but stable, condition.

Meanwhile, a second detective continued to chase the fleeing gunman down Fort Smallwood Road and into the Stoney Beach community.

“In that area, our suspect bailed out. He shot multiple rounds at the second detective, striking the second detective,” Sgt. Davis said.

He was rushed to the same hospital where the first wounded detective was taken, and has been listed in stable condition.

AACPD Chief Timothy Altomare identified the wounded officers as AACPD Detective Scott Ballard and Detective Ian Preece.

Det. Ballard, a 22-year veteran-of-the-force, is assigned to the department’s Fugitive Apprehension Team.

Det. Preece, a 13-year veteran-of-the-force, is assigned to the department’s Homeland Security Investigations Team, which also handles gang investigations.

On Wednesday morning, approximately 50 officers were still going door-to-door in the area where the gunman was last seen, Chief Altomare said during the press conference.

He and Sgt. Davis urged anyone with information about the shooter to come forward both for the safety of the community and for the suspect.

"Anybody in that community, look out your windows,” Sgt. Davis said, according to WBAL. “If you see somebody in your yard give us a call. We consider him armed and dangerous. He shot two of our guys. He's armed, he's dangerous, and we're out looking for him,"

Chief Altomare also addressed the gunman directly during the press conference.

“Every minute you stretch this out, it makes it more dangerous for my cops, and thus, it makes it more dangerous for you,” the chief warned. “We need you to come and turn yourself in…I urge you that in the strongest possible term…end this lunacy before another person gets hurt.”

Multiple Anne Arundel County schools will be closed on Thursday due to the ongoing manhunt, WBAL reported.

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Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

What if residents of some of the 50 houses don't want police to come in? What happens then? Does anyone here know?


Prayers for the wounded officers and their families and also prayers for the officers who are searching for this gun happy maniac.


@Excalibr4 Whites being whites? Maybe if the shooter was black the detectives would’ve known to be more alert with him @LEO0301 @flybynight


Baltimore, home of the famous snitches get stiches gang bangers.


Sounds like we got Superman with a strap on the loose. I hope they catch this felonious pale rider and bring him to justice. I hope the wounded Detectives make a complete recovery.


And the war on the police continues. Hoping for speedy recoveries for the detectives.