BREAKING: Three Officers Down In Colorado Springs

Three officers have been shot in Colorado Springs and at least one is dead.

Colorado Springs, CO - Three law enforcement officers have been shot in Colorado Springs, and at least 1 deputy is confirmed dead, according to KKTV.

No details have been released on the condition of a second deputy, who was shot along with a Colorado Springs police officer.

The area of N. Murray Boulevard and Galley is closed off for the shooting investigation, according to KKTV.

Initial reports suggest multiple suspects. All suspects have either been destroyed or taken into custody. Suspect details have not been released, but police say that there is not an ongoing threat.

You can see KKTV's live-stream here:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the murdered and wounded officers and their families.

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An article, a study, a paper, anything at all, or did you just pull it out of your a--?


2013 was the safest year EVER to be an officer and 2015 the second safest year and guess who was President? The war on cops has been a fake scenario pushed by police and their followers to gain more support and more money from the cities they police. Someone said its thanks to improvement to technology well no that is not true do you think there's the same amount of officers today as there was 15 or 20 years ago?


I love how Highest_Retard thinks that millennials started phrases like "echo chamber" and "circle jerk". We used those terms before you were born you narcissist. I guess if he followed a bible, the first sentence would be "And God created millennials".