BREAKING: Shooting At High School In Maryland

One person was shot in an incident at Frederick Douglass High School in West Baltimore.

Baltimore, MD – Police are on the scene of a shooting at Frederick Douglass High School in West Baltimore.

Police responded to a call for shots fired shortly after 12 noon on Friday, WBFF reported.

Jayne Miller from WBAL tweeted that one person was shot, and another person was in custody.

“ALERT: Frederick Douglass High School is on lockdown, following a shooting of a staff member by an adult visitor to the school. STUDENTS AND REMAINING STAFF ARE SAFE, and police are on site. We will update as more information becomes available,” Baltimore City Schools tweeted.

An ambulance was seen leaving the campus, WBAL reported.

Initial reports were that a student had a grievance with a coach, and called for an adult to come to the school, WBFF reported live from the scene.

The grievance may have been related to a student having his cell phone taken from him.

The adult shooter was allegedly allowed into the school, where he opened fire on a coach.

It was not known if the adult was a family member of the student who called him, WBFF reported.

Witnesses reported having heard at least four shots in the school.

The Baltimore Police Department said the Baltimore school police were handling the investigation, according to WBFF.

Baltimore Police Spokesman Jeremy Silver told WBFF that all of the students are safe at this time, and the school remains in lockdown.

The Baltimore City school board recently voted not to arm school resource officers in the school system.

Baltimore school resource officers are the only law enforcement officers in Maryland who are prohibited from carrying their duty weapons while on-duty inside of schools, according to WBAL.

The Baltimore Sun reported that Baltimore is also the only jurisdiction in the state with a dedicated school police force.

Local police and sheriff’s departments protect schools throughout the rest of Maryland and may carry their weapons while on duty in the schools.

But school resource officers in Baltimore may only carry their guns when they are patrolling the exterior campus of schools during the day, and in the school after hours.

School resource officer are required to lock up their guns at the start of the school day, WBAL reported.

Maryland State Delegate Cheryl Glenn’s had proposed legislation that would have overturned the earlier law that banned school resource officers carrying during school hours, The Baltimore Sun reported.

However, the school board’s vote has effectively put the kibosh on Glenn’s new bill.

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School board gave the shooter the opening he needed. Hope the victim is ok and that he sues the crap out of the board


It was just a matter of time before something like this happened in Baltimore. I glad the SRO seemed to escape harm.


Nope. I would tell them to fuck right off. Not walking around in uniform unarmed, that is straight stupid. Of course, I live in a free state where we still have some rights left.


"A hall monitor was shot at Frederick Douglass High School in Baltimore, Maryland today by a visitor who was trying to enter the school. The hall monitor, 56, confronted the visitor and was shot. Two unarmed police officers responded and took the suspect into custody after a brief fight. The incident is already reviving a heated debate in Baltimore about whether school police officers should be armed." (Stephanie Dube Dwilson)

Uh, ya think so? Gee, never expected that to happen - a shooting at a Baltimore school.


There is no doubt there will be more shootings in the Baltimore schools. Smack dab in the middle of an uptick of mass school shootings, the school board announces open season on their staff and precious students. Unbelievably foolish and unnecessary!