BREAKING: Shooter Reported In Hobart Walmart, At Least 2 Shot

Christopher Berg

One or more gunmen opened fire in the Hobart Walmart.

Hobart, IN - At least two victims are reported to have been shot after a suspect(s) opened fire in a Walmart Sunday night.

The incident happened at the Walmart at 2936 E. 79th Avenue.

A witness told NWI Times that he heard two different burst of gunshots, possibly a total of 12 shots.

Unconfirmed reports are that at least two victims were hit, including a child.

It's believed that two suspects were involved and WBEZ reporter Michael Puente says that the suspects have been taken into custody.

Puente reports that the FBI is on scene.

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Just what is the FBI going to do at the scene besides get in the way? There is no federal crime. “Hi we’re the FBI and we are here to help.” And the reply is, “Great and we’re glad you are here.” 🤮


You’re right. I know those guys in Hobart, and they aren’t a bunch of bafoons directed by a polical hack. They’re competent, intelligent and can roll with this one on their own. FBI is a JOKE. And Hobart has a TERRIFIC Mayor.


A shooter reported at the Hobart walmart he was the famous personality among the all people having his worth. He did many good deeds for the poor hw also share some good debate topics that was always had a winning point for me to have his topics on my details.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Hopefully the use of a federally unregistered gun will become a federal offense so that the FBI can get involved more routinely in gun violence incidents. That way state and local police will be safer.