BREAKING: School Shooting In Colorado, Multiple Victims, Multiple Suspects

Sandy Malone

At least two students were shot at STEM School Highlands Ranch in the Denver suburbs on Tuesday afternoon.

Highlands Ranch, CO – At least two people were shot at STEM School Highlands Ranch in the Denver suburbs on Tuesday afternoon and police are still searching for suspects.

UPDATE: 8 confirmed wounded so far.

A ranking law enforcement source told KMGH that one student had been shot and that one suspect was down.

KDVR reported that two suspects are in custody, but it's not clear if that's one of the downed suspects.

Police were still looking for more suspects, according to the law enforcement source.

The shootings occurred just before 1:50 p.m. on May 7 and almost an hour later, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office tweeted that the school remained an “active and unstable scene,” according to KMGH.

Police responded to the school for a report of shots fired at the STEM school located off South Ridgeline Road and Plaza Drive.

The school, which includes students from Kindergarten through 12th Grade, was put into lockdown, and all other Douglas County schools were put on lockout, according to KMGH.

Students will eventually be taken to Northridge Recreation Center at 8800 South Broadway to be reunited with their parents, KCNC reported.

Parents will be required to show identification when they pick up their students.

“Reunification is going to take time, PLEASE BE PATIENT,” Colorado State Patrol officials tweeted.

Officials have asked the general public to avoid the area around STEM School Highlands Ranch and the reunification area at the recreation center, KCNC reported.

The school is located about eight miles from Columbine High School in nearby Jefferson County.

UPDATE: Two suspects are in custody and the area has been secured. It's believed that there is no third suspect.

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Full of Self Esteem, Self Entitled and human life means nothing. THIS is what we now have in America as youths. I am SICK of this crap..and the ONLY answer congress has is "TAKE GUNS AWAY FROM LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. And they have YET to address the REAL problem. Disgusting

No. 1-6

I don't even need to say it at this point.


No, attempting to take guns away from people is not the answer. 1st, it would be a major violation of the Constitution and impossible to achieve. 2nd, only law-abiding citizens would even consider complying. 3rd, it would not prevent those desiring to cause harm to others to change their plans. The answer is better parental control over young people, better identification of potential perpetrators, and more positive news reporting that would demonstrate the value of our law enforcement in preventing such events. It would be impossible to completely stop even with the best efforts.


Enough BS America needs to get smarter on school security. Schools are soft targets. Attacks come from external and internal areas. Need to hire retired cops and make them armed as school resource officers under a national school marshal program like air marshals. Place the program under DOJ or State and or County. Every town has retired cops living in them. Most cops are mid 40s when they retire. They have their pension and medical coverage. So schools wouldn't have to offer retirement program or medical coverage lowering the operation cost of hiring retired cops. Signage saying gun free zone is just guaranteeing slaughter of the sheep.

Cops will never get to a school in time to stop an active shooter. By the time then arrive there will be multiple people down. Place armed sheepdogs in the schools who have skillset to take the fight to the active shooter and destroy them.


Federalize the schools and order by executive order arming of all school resource officer and hiring of retired cops to create a federal school marshal program. This liberal bs of more failed gun control is costing lives. When gun control fails you don't keep making more failed gun control laws.

Enough is enough.


Fine, fine. I'll say it. White domestic terrorism strikes again. Restart the counter.

Days since a white terrorist shot up a school: 0.

Xavier Bibb
Xavier Bibb

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