BREAKING: Reports Of Active Shooter On Rooftop At San Diego Marathon

An active shooter has been reported over the Rock 'n' Roll marathon.

NOTE: This article had been updated with the most recent information, which is still developing. Due to the developing nature, the details are subject to change.

San Diego, CA - Police responded to reports of an active shooter on Sunday, but ended up in an incident involving a potential kidnapping suspect and an officer who shot himself.

The incident started at around 10:50 a.m. when officers were called to a hit and run collision at West A Street and Kettner Boulevard, according to The San Diego Union Tribune.

At about that same time, officers received a report that a man had just escaped from being kidnapped by a female who matched the description of the hit and run driver.

An officer spotted the suspect at a parking garage at the San Diego Concourse.

The woman pointed a rifle at officers and fled.

Officers pursued, and one officer shot at the woman. The suspect was not hit in the shooting.

A second officer then shot himself in his leg.

A police helicopter responded and said that it appeared that the woman was firing the rifle into the Rock 'n' Roll marathon crowd.

The woman then tossed the rifle over the side of the parking garage and officers took her into custody.

It was later determined that the rifle was a pellet gun.

The officer who shot himself is in stable condition.

Further details are not immediately available as the details are still developing.

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hmmm....was officer signalling the capture?


That poor cop will never hear the end of that!

Lt Retired OCPD
Lt Retired OCPD

Poor guy. I hope he will be ok. At least physically. I’m sure his Chief will have many hours of remedial training for the guy. It certainly could have been worse. Adrenaline gets flowing and corners are cut. It is a hazard of the business. I thank God I got through without harming myself. I know there were a few close calls with the driving. Real close. Three wrecks. None listed as my fault but certainly would have been less if I paid more attention. Just heal and get back to work my friend.