BREAKING: Prince George's County Officer Fatally Shot


A Prince George's County police officer was fatally shot on Wednesday morning.

Brandywine, MD - A Prince George's County police officer was fatally shot on Wednesday morning, according to WTTG.

WJLA reported that sources said a woman called police and told them that her husband had shot a police officer.

Officers responded, and the woman gave them a description of a vehicle her husband might be driving.

Police located the suspect, and he led them on a chase, according to WJLA.

Sources said the suspect shot at officers, and police returned fire, fatally shooting the man.

WRC-TV reported that the shooting occurred in the area of Chadds Ford Drive and Chadsey Lane.

Authorities were preparing to brief the media, WPGC reported. They have not yet released the name of the fallen officer, but said he was a veteran officer of the Prince George's County Police Department.

Police have not revealed whether the officer was on duty at the time of the shooting.

Major roadways around the area were shut down by police for the investigation.

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Wtf is going on?
Cops are getting smoked almost on a daily basis.


Prayers are certainly with this Officers Family.God we ask you to put a protection around our Law enforcement that no criminal can harm them again.Amen


My prayers to the family and fellow officers RIP

prophetess anna
prophetess anna

Dearest JESUS, my heart goes out to the Officer's Family--i feel so sad for the them. MY GOD---GUNS, GUNS, GUNS--there was a time way back when that the only ones that had guns, were police and military men and women--every where you look, it is another person that has a gun--PEOPLE ARE SHOT AT!!! WHEN WILL THAT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!PEOPLE ARE DYING, NEEDLESSLY!!!! DID THIS OFFICER REALLY NEED TO DIE!!!! DID HE???????????? MY heart goes out to his family. So sad!! Thankyou dearest Officer, for caring and loving your work, your fellow men and women and K9 Officers and your community. GOD loves you!! so very sad.


Also, since the beginning of our country, practically every house had at least a firearm in the house/cabin/tent. Sometimes the woman of the house had to grab the musket off the wall, because the husband was out plowing in the back forty, to defend herself and the children against Indians, bears, wolves, etc... Even a 10-year old boy had to go hunting because his father had died and he needed to bring home some meat.