BREAKING: One Officer Killed, Another Injured When Car Slams Into Traffic Stop

Sandy Malone

One Corpus Christi police officer was killed and a second was injured while making a traffic stop on Friday night.

Corpus Christi, TX – A Corpus Christi police officer was killed, and a second officer is hospitalized in stable condition, after a car slammed into them during a traffic stop late on Friday.

The incident occurred at about 9:43 p.m. on Jan. 31 as three Corpus Christi police officers were conducting a traffic stop on South Padre Island Drive near the westbound Carroll Lane overpass, KRIS reported.

The public information officer for the Corpus Christi Police Department (CCPD), Lieutenant Michael Pena, said the three officers were stopped with flashing lights on three police cruisers when they were hit by another vehicle.

Lt. Pena said that initially, two officers affected the traffic stop, but then a third CCPD patrol vehicle stopped at the scene to assist, KENS reported.

As the first two officers were out of their vehicle to talk to the driver of the car they had pulled over, another car slammed into one of the officer’s stopped police cruisers.

Two officers were hurt in the crash, KENS reported.

One of them died later at the hospital.

The second officer is in stable condition as of Saturday morning, according to KENS.

Police said they have one person in custody in connection with the crash but have not released any other details.

They also have not yet released the name of the officers who were killed and injured in the wreck, KENS reported.

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I hate it when they don't release details of the suspect! I want to know everything! Was it a he or she? Was it a legal or an illegal? Was the suspect under the influence? Was the suspect texting? Were the squads cars in a traffic lane or on the shoulder? Knowledge of these things help us make informed decisions in life. Now I am especially curious as to why the secrecy!

No. 1-2

How in the heck when you are driving down the road, and there are 3 patrol vehicles all with their lights going, you still run into them?? I want a toxicology report on the driver!! And I hope they throw the book at them, including vehicular manslaughter!!