BREAKING: Numerous Students Shot In Kentucky School Shooting

Numerous students were shot in the Marshall County High School shooting.

Benton, KY – Police said at least five students were shot Tuesday morning at Marshall County High School in southwestern Kentucky.

At least one person was killed in the incident, according to the Mirror.

Officials with Marshall County Emergency Management said the suspect had been apprehended, but the school remained in lockdown while police investigated.

An official from nearby Benton Elementary Schools said that all of their students and staff were safe, WZTV reported.

The Kentucky State Police used Twitter to send out updates to parents and the community. The confirmed the shooting just before 7 a.m.

The local FBI office in Louisville also tweeted that they were “aware of a school shooting at Marshall County High School with multiple victims” and were “currently working with our federal, state, and local law enforcement partners.”

Parents and students, including those in the high school where the shooting took place, went to social media asking for more information.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin tweeted soon after the incident and said there is "much yet unknown" as first responders continued to investigate at the high school.

U.S. Representative James Comer also tweeted his thoughts and prayers for the school.

UPDATE: Two 15-year-old students killed, one 15-year-old student in custody, 14 students shot.

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I just love all the assumptions. Nowhere is it stated it was a student, Maybe it was a domestic violence situation. Secondly, blame the parents? how many parents are fully aware of what their kids do 24/7. Yes parents should be more aware but kids today are more secretive then ever before.


That's a very good observation. Another sad shooting situation in our nation.


I am willing to bet this shooter was on some kind of medication for mental illness. we shall wait and see. Thoughts and condolences to all involved.