BREAKING: Multiple People Shot At San Diego-Area Synagogue

Christopher Berg

Multiple people have been shot at a synagogue near San Diego.

Poway, CA - San Diego County Sheriff's Department has advised that multiple people were injured in a shooting at a synagogue in Poway.

Current estimates are that four people were shot at the Congregation Chabad at 16934 Chabad Way just before 11:30 a.m., according to KGTV.

The sheriff's department has advised that they have detained one person for questioning in relation to the shooting. No other information about the suspect has been released.

At least one of the victims was a rabbi who was conducting services for their Passover Holiday Celebration, according to KGTV.

UPDATE: At least one victim is reported to be deceased according to CNN.

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Shooting up a synagogue.

History tells me what this person will probably look like.

Gap Filler
Gap Filler

Kamala Harris ✔ @SenKamalaHarris I am disturbed.....and that's where this should be left so I can be in agreement with something she says......

Texan Blue
Texan Blue

Let me guess...the perp is another caucasian, fully-employed, educated white Christian male with a stable family, zero drugs in his system, and he’s a Trump supporter.....right?