BREAKING: Midland Officer Fatally Shot While Responding To House Alarm

A Midland police officer was fatally shot while responding with other officers to a burglar alarm early on Tuesday.

Midland, TX – A Midland police officer was fatally shot in the early hours of Tuesday morning after he and other officers responded to a burglar alarm at a Midland home.

Early tweets that have since been erased said that officer had been killed while responding to a home alarm.

Multiple media outlets have since reported they obtained an internal police department email that said the officer, his probationary police officer, and two additional officers responded to the burglar alarm together in the early hours of March 5, according to KOSA.

The email said the fallen officer loudly announced law enforcement’s presence at the front door, but the homeowner believed his home was being broken into and opened fire.

The homeowner shot toward the flashlight the officer was holding, and the officer was struck above his ballistic vest, according to KOSA.

City of Midland spokesperson Tony Castaneda confirmed to KOSA that the officer had died, but released no other information.

The Midland Police Department has yet to release a statement on the shooting, but is expected to hold a press conference later in the morning.

Despite officers’ best efforts to treat their wounded colleague at the scene and transport him to the hospital quickly, he died in the emergency room, according to KOSA.

The name of the officer who was killed has not been released, according to KWES.

The Sweetwater Fire Department and Ambulance Service posted a message on their official Facebook page at 8 a.m. asking for “public assistance in honoring him as he is taken to Tarrant County for an autopsy.”

The post said that the police motorcade transporting the fallen officer’s body would be passing through Sweetwater between 12:15 p.m. and 12:30 p.m.

“The Sweetwater Fire Department is planning on being on the Arizona bridge to honor him as they pass,” the post read.

The post asked readers to spread the word to people who would want to honor the fallen officer.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, this would be the first line of duty death for the Midland PD since Nov. 28, 1961, when Midland Police Lieutenant Gordon Smith, Jr. was fatally shot while chasing a sexual assault and murder suspect.

“Please keep the family and MPD family in your prayers,” Midland Mayor Jerry Morales posted on Facebook this morning, according to the Midland Reporter-Telegram.

The mayor asked residents of the community to lower their flags for “our fallen officer, family member, friend and servant to our community.”

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Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Hope that the homeowner had the foresight to take some photographs of the wall behind him before he was arrested and carted off to jail. I hear that pre-trial detainees who are accused of killing LEOs don't do too well in jail.


Definitely need more information but it sounds like this homeowner had a monitored home alarm system. It went off. The company tried to reach him and couldn't so they contacted the police to go check on the homeowner. Whether the alarm was still going off or had been silenced, we don't know yet. But the homeowner knows the routine!!! You have to speak with your alarm company or they will send the police. If the police did announce their presence, then the homeowner needs to be arrested!!


God Bless Officer Heidelberg and comfort his family, blood and blue. Rest easy knowing your family in blue will hold the line. You will not be forgotten.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

The homeowner is out on bail and has lawyered up!