BREAKING: Mass Shooting In Toronto - 9+ Shot

Christopher Berg

A gunman has shot numerous people in Toronto.

Toronto, CA - Reports of at least nine people shot across multiple scenes are coming in from Toronto. At least one child has been hit.

The victims are located in the area of Danforth and Logan avenues, according to CTV News.

CPA24 is reporting that the suspected gunman is dead, but it's not known how he was killed.

The scene is still very active and all information is preliminary.

A Twitter user uploaded video where you can hear the gunshots:

The motive for the shooting is not known at this time.

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Canadians own a lot of guns! Toronto is full of criminals terrorists and gang members that acquire them illegally. We have very strict Firearm laws. I am to have all my firearms locked at all times unti i want to take them to the range. It is illegal to use them for home defense!! Let that sink in. Must have special permits to bring them to the range. Yet anyone can acquire a gun illegally and use it against us law abiding citizens and mabey I won't have to to unlock my gun safe and trigger locks. Gun control does not work and puts innocent firearm owners in grave danger.


It's supposed to say I won't have time*** to unlock...


I wonder if stricter gun control laws in Canada would have prevented this tragedy ey? Oh wait they already have that.