BREAKING: Mass Shooting At Jacksonville Landing, 11+ People Hit

Christopher Berg

At least 11 people have been reported shot at Jacksonville Landing

Jacksonville, FL - At least 11 people have been shot with at least four people dead at Jacksonville Landing in Jacksonville on Sunday.

WJXT-TV reports that three of the people were shot inside of Chicago Pizza. Ryan Hughes reports that there was a Madden Football video game tournament going on at the time.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is warning people to stay "many blocks away" and has declared the area to be unsafe at this time.

At this time, no information has been released about the shooter(s). UPDATE: At least one suspect down. Unknown at this time if there's a second shooter.

UPDATE: Video has been posted online from the tournament that appears to have captured audio of the shooting:

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Shootings not uncommon in this area of Downtown Jacksonville. It is a very run down Mall in a very rundown area of the City. They have given Multi-Millions of Dollars to improve this area, but it never works. But they have a very Upscale Football Stadium a few blocks away. Got to have priorities! It is also just down the street from Jacksonville Sheriffs H.Q.. Luckily. Unlike some parts of Florida they respond fast.


There are so many areas that at one time was nice safe areas but it seems that there is no safe places in this day and time.