BREAKING: Major Train Derailment Near Attica, Smoke Seen For Miles

A train derailed near Attica and several cars were reported to be on fire.

Attica, NY – Rescue crews and firefighters were responding to what dispatchers said was a serious train derailment near
East Main Street Road in Attica Thursday afternoon, The Daily News reported.

The Daily News reported that multiple cars were off the track and on fire, and that two people who were injured had been moved to a farmhouse located nearby on Maplewood Road to await first responders.

At about 4:15 pm, a first responder reported to Wyoming County dispatch that there were “multiple cars off the embankment,” engulfed in flames and inaccessible. He told dispatchers the burning train cars appeared to be car carriers.

“It does not appear to be a Hazmat situation,” another responder said around 4:20 p.m.

However, that assessment was revised 10 minutes later and a Wyoming County HAZMAT team was requested to respond to the scene. Also, Genesee County HAZMAT team was put on standby, The Daily News reported.

The Attica Central Schools were put on notice, although the wind appeared to be carrying the smoke away from the campus.

The Daily News reported that the track was operated by Norfolk Southern, and carried freight loads along Norfolk Southern’s Southern Tier line between Buffalo and Binghamton.

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If you ever see a Train derailment, always stay atleast 10miles away, they usually are carrying chemical cargo whose fumes can be dangerously carcinogenic & you will find out abt it 10 yrs later. Never go near a Train Accident site.


I can never understand why the US is so bad at mass transit. This is 200 year old technology. Just about all first world, and some second world, countries do this cheaper, better and without a derailment every other week.


Canada has had similar issues and similar outcomes. I believe the problem is simply the railroads reluctance to actually spend money on safety and the government failing to make them do so. You know some politician's pockets get lined when they push back compliance dates again and again.