BREAKING: Incompetent Mail Bomber Arrested In Florida; Here's What We Know

Holly Matkin

Cesar Sayoc, 56, was arrested in Plantation, Florida on Friday.

Plantation, Florida – Police have arrested a male suspect in Florida in connection with a series of possible explosive devices mailed to prominent Democrats across the U.S.

Law enforcement officials have identified the suspect as 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc, NBC News reported.

Sayoc was arrested in a parking lot in Plantation, NBC News reported.

Investigators also surrounded a white van plastered with bumper stickers and decals believed to be connected to the suspect, CNN aerial footage showed.

The van was wrapped in a blue tarp before it was loaded onto a truck bed and hauled away.

According to a law enforcement source, he has previously been arrested for terroristic threats, FOX News reported.

He is a former resident of New York, but has been residing in Aventura, Florida, the source said.

The Department of Justice has scheduled a press conference for 2:30 p.m. ET, FOX News reported.

Authorities have now found a total of 12 suspicious packages, with the addition of one for U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-New Jersey) and one for former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper found on Friday morning.

Authorities recovered a package addressed to Booker, similar in appearance to the 10 others that contained pipe bomb-like materials, inside a postal facility near Opa-locka, Florida.

That postal facility has become a focal point in to the federal investigation as it appears several of the packages may have passed through the facility, sources told WABC.

The Miami-Dade bomb squad conducted a sweep of the facility at the request of federal law enforcement.

The package addressed to Clapper was discovered on Friday morning at the West 52nd street post office in Manhattan, and addressed to CNN at the Time Warner Center, according to WCBS.

It was the second package containing bomb-like materials to be sent to CNN this week.

The first was addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan, and it caused “CNN Newsroom” to cut its live news feed as reporters and staff evacuated the building on Wednesday morning.

The New York Police Department shut down several blocks around the affected area while they investigated, USA Today reported.

Bomb-like devices were also sent to Democratic billionaire donor George Soros, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, U.S. Representative Maxine Waters (D-California), actor Robert De Niro, and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden received two of the crude pipe bombs, but both packages were intercepted by a post office in Wilmington, Delaware, WABC reported.

The return address on at least one of the packages to Biden was U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, whose name appeared as the sender on several of the packages sent.

On Wednesday, Wasserman Schultz received the package intended for Holder at her Sunrise office because of a bad address.

Law enforcement are investigating the bombs as a domestic terror threat, WJW reported.

The bombs have been taken to the FBI lab in Quantico for investigation.

Sources have said officials are puzzled by the fact that none of the pipe bomb-like devices have detonated, raising questions about both the motives and the skill level of the bombmaker, WJW reported.

There are two theories about what the FBI has referred to as “potentially-destructive devices” – either the bombs were poorly constructed, or they were never intended to explode.

WJW reported that authorities considered the contents of the packages potentially destructive because of the presence of what is believed to be pyrotechnic powder, although nothing exploded during transport.

The lack of a triggering mechanism on the devices also suggested they were never meant to actually detonate, according to outside explosives experts.

"Whoever is doing this is just trying to elicit a fear or disrupt something," Tripwire Operations Group Founder Ryan Morris said.

His company provides explosives training to police and military, WJW reported.

Morris examined images of the devices sent to Soros and to CNN's New York offices, and commented “there are a multitude of more sophisticated methodologies that would have worked if they really wanted this to work.”

The devices are made up of common components, which makes investigation more difficult, WJW reported.

New York Police Commissioner James O’Neill said it was unclear if there were still more bombs waiting to be delivered.

"But with the postal services that are here, we're doing our best to make sure that if there are any out there we identify them quickly," Commissioner O’Neill said.

In response to the threat, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced late Wednesday night that he was bringing in the National Guard to assist with security, WABC reported.

"Out of an abundance of caution, I am deploying 100 additional National Guard soldiers and directing State law enforcement to double security at vital assets across New York, including LaGuardia and JFK, mass transit systems, and bridges and tunnels," the governor said.

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So this Democrat who got arrested for terroristic threats in the past, covered a creepy van in pro-Trump stickers, and had THE NERVE to register and vote Republican, did this all to make sure the Democrats looked sympathetic right before midterms?

I can't believe it. Maybe everyone else on this site can help me understand what is happening.

EDIT: it seems some of you think i believe what i said above. It was pure sarcasm, and of course i believe an extreme conservative sent bombs to people. It's a regular play out of the extreme conservative handbook)


stupidity that's what's happening, and all the hatred is coming from the dems, you don't hear from Trump unless he is firing back


Ok, a Hispanic, who was a registered Democrat, now a supposed registered Republican from New York (a Democrat haven) now living in Miami (also a Democrat haven), with a van full of Trump stickers and anti Democrat stickers (all look brand new as if just put on yesterday) and we're supposed to believe this is the bomber? They are grasping at straws ..........


@Patriot-Man where does it say he was a registered Democrat?


I just wonder if this guy is going to commit suicide in Jail, before he has a chance to really talk. We will never hear the Truth. Is this guy being set up because he is already a Looney. He was a Registered Democrat that changed to Republican. All his stickers on his van are new. Set up or not? You decide! He has a History of making Threats. FBI should have been watching him. Were the Old Treats against Republicans or Democrats. The FBI Failed again. And how did he get to all those places to drop off the Bombs. There were No Proof that it went through the Mail. I think People and Camera's would have seen that Van. Something doesn't seem Right. Is this another stunt of the Democrats? You decide. Like I said we will not get the Truth out of the FBI or the Police there. I will really be surprised if he is still alive in a week.


@Patriot-Man heck I am not even sure calling Miami area "democrat" is actually most accurate... Anyone I have ever known from that area are "closet Revolutionarys"..they may have left Cuba and Haiti and PR... but dont let them fool you.. they only came for the money..otherwhise you can stuff your capitolism and "Republic".. they are commiunists through and through... they just ran out of wiggle room backhome..JUST like these Hondurans and Central AMericans on there way!!


11+ "bombs" all over the country on pretty much the same day! SURE!! None of them rigged for detonation! SURE!! His van with stickers that looked like they just came out of the custom shop! SURE!! This one doesn’t pass the smell test!!

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

pro-Trump terrorist. i hope he is the last, but fear he will not be. so many Trump fans seem to be violent brutes, casually wishing death upon those with whom they disagree.