BREAKING: Horizon Air Plane Stolen, Crashed Or Shot Down By F-15

Christopher Berg

A Horizon Air plane was stolen from SeaTac Airport and has since crashed.

Seattle, WA - A commercial Horizon Air airplane was stolen and took off from SeaTac airport without authorization.

SeaTac airport is the major international airport for the Seattle area.

Following the takeoff, fighter jets were scrambled from Portland to intercept the plane.

Preliminary reports are that the plane has been downed at Ketron Island in Pierce County.

It's unclear if the thief crashed or if it was shot down by one of the F-15 fighter jets.

Alaska Airlines tweeted that they believe that no passengers were aboard the plane at the time it was stolen.

According to Kris Van Cleave with CBS News, a airlines employee is the thief.

All flights in the area have been grounded until further notice.

UPDATE: Flights have resumed out of SeaTac.

Pierce County Sheriff advises that the plane was a stolen by a mechanic and crashed due to lack of flying skills.

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Damn, go big or go home.

Officer Cynical
Officer Cynical

"I wonder what this lever does?"

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Boogers Allday

I would love to see what this airline employee looks like and what his or her intentions were.