BREAKING: Harvey Weinstein Guilty On 2 Of 5 Sexual Assault Charges

Sandy Malone

A New York jury found movie mogul Harvey Weinstein guilty of sexual assault but not the most serious charges against him

New York, NY – A New York jury found movie mogul Harvey Weinstein guilty on two counts of sexual assault on Monday.

However, the jury found 69-year-old Weinstein not guilty of the more serious charge of predatory sexual assault, which would have carried a sentence of 10 years to life in prison, The Washington Post reported.

He is facing up to 25 years in prison when he is sentenced on the lesser charges on which he was convicted.

Prosecutors had no evidence or corroborating witnesses for the charges, and Weinstein’s attorneys argued during the six-week-long trial that all of the sexual activity with the women was consensual.

The jury told the judge they thought they were deadlocked on Friday, four days into deliberations, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The judge sent them back in to continue deliberating and the verdict on Monday reflected the fact that the jury had believed prosecutors claims that Weinstein forced a sex act on Mimi Haleyi in July of 2016 and raped Jessica Mann in 2013, The Washington Post reported.

Weinstein’s trial was pushed back to January after he was indicted for a third time in August, this time on two counts of predatory sexual assault.

The new indictment opened the door for additional witnesses to take the stand against the movie mogul, including “Sopranos” actress Annabella Sciorra, The Washington Post reported.

Although Sciorra’s accusations against Weinstein fall outside the statute of limitations on prosecution, she was permitted to testify to help demonstrate Weinstein’s pattern of behavior, which was required for prosecutors to prove a predatory sexual assault charge.

The judge also permitted testimony at trial from three witnesses who were alleging uncharged crimes under the Molineux rule, The Washington Post reported.

Molineux is a New York evidentiary rule that permits evidence of past bad behavior to be introduced for the purpose of establishing a pattern.

Weinstein will next be tried in Los Angeles where is he is facing four more counts of rape and sexual battery charges, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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Good news. This a-hole took advantage of many, many women because of who he was and the power he had over their careers. A righteous verdict. Now see what happens in LA.

No. 1-5

hey Harvey, don't let the prison door hit ya where bubba is gonna split ya


Sin will always find you out. Looks like many will take advantage of his disability during his time just like he took advantage of others who couldn’t stop him.

Jim H. - Virginia US
Jim H. - Virginia US

Rapist Harvey Weinstein is rushed to hospital 'suffering chest pains' in the ambulance that was transferring him from court to Rikers Island


Bull$hit! Lying weasel using “infirmity” ruse