BREAKING: Gunman Opens Fire On Philly Officers, At Least Two Officers Down

A Philadelphia police officer was shot in the Nicetown-Tioga section.

Philadelphia, PA - At least two police officers were shot Wednesday afternoon in the Nicetown-Tioga section of the city.

The incident happened in the 3700 block of North 15th Street, according to WPVI.

The details leading up to the shooting have not been released, but a live news helicopter showed one officer running from the area with blood pouring onto the ground.

That officer was put into a patrol vehicle and transported to Temple University Hospital in unknown condition.

A short while later another wounded officer was being helped to run from the scene and was also placed into a patrol car and transported away.

The gunman appears to be barricaded in a nearby building which officers have surrounded and appears to be continuing to shoot at officers.

The conditions of the wounded officers have not been released.

UPDATE: At least 4 police officers have now been wounded in the ongoing gunfight, according to WPVI.

A witness said that she heard at least 100 gunshots fired.

SWAT units and and an armored vehicle have now arrived on scene.

UPDATE: A fifth officer has been reported shot.

UPDATE: A sixth officer is reported to be shot with at least one additional officer wounded in a collision.

The incident started when narcotics officers tried to serve a warrant when the gunman opened fire.

Fox29 reports that the gunman is livestreaming the gunfight on social media.

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Praying for the safety of the officers

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

I wonder whether . . .


Just about everyday an officer(s) gets shot yet the MSM hardly covers the story. But if a black male who just committed a string of robberies gets shot during the arrest, the media will first go to his mother who will make outrageous claims about her son turning things around and his plan to attend Yale in the Fall. The media, of course, will find a picture of him holding one of his many children he helped produce outside of marriage or a high school graduation photo in his cap and gown. Next, a black lives matter spokesperson will use the opportunity to point out how black men are being victimized by the police and that they should have told him of their intent to shoot back. I really have no idea why people hate the media as much as they do politicians.


We have no one to thank for these shootings other than Barry Soetoro (aka; Barrack Obumbler) !!! He started this war on cops with his hateful rhetoric... it has been further escalated by fools in the drive by media !!!!


They are still holding 2 cops hostage. This will probably be turned into a movie, depending on the outcome.