BREAKING: Gunman Opens Fire In Kroger Store, Multiple People Down

Sandy Malone

Police are investigating a shooting scene at the Jeffersontown Kroger store where multiple people have been shot.

Jeffersontown, KY – Multiple people were shot, and at least one person is dead. at a Kroger grocery store in Jeffersontown on Wednesday afternoon.

Police got calls reporting an active shooter at the grocery store in the 9000-block of Taylorsville Road at about 3 p.m. on Oct. 24, WLKY reported.

Multiple Kroger employees and their family members told WLKY that a person came into the Kroger firing a weapon.

Witnesses told WAVE that they heard two bursts of gunfire inside of the store. Moments later, they saw two men in a gun battle in the parking lot.

One woman said her sister had to step over a person who had been shot in order to evacuate the area once police arrived, WLKY reported.

Another victim could be seen down in the store’s parking lot, according to views from WLKY’s news helicopter.

WAVE reported there was a body in the parking lot that officials covered up with a sheet.

Police has one person in custody following the incident, the Jeffersontown dispatcher told CNN.

It's not clear at this time if the gunman still has a pulse.

Authorities said they were not looking for any other suspects, according to WLKY.

UPDATE: Two confirmed fatal victims, appear to be randomly targeted.

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love the wording "not known if the gunman still had a pulse". Hope all the victims are ok, although it did say someone was covered with a sheet, which does seem to indicate at least one person dead.


I wonder if the shootout was between someone intent on killing a bunch of people and a CCW holder who was shopping in the store? Hope we'll see a follow-up story.


From what I read on the web, from the AP story posted on KTLA, the gunman killed a man and a woman (one inside the store and one outside the store), then exchanged shots with an armed bystander before fleeing the scene, where he was captured by the police.