BREAKING: Female Davis PD Officer Shot While Investigating Crash, Suspect On Run

A female Davis police officer was shot Thursday night.

Davis, CA - A police officer was shot after arriving at a collision scene in Davis on Wednesday night.

The unidentified female Davis PD officer was called to a three-car collision near 5th and D Streets, according to CBS Sacramento.

After the officer arrived, she was shot. It hasn't been released at this time if the officer interacted with the gunman or if she was ambushed.

The officer was transported to UC Davis Medical Center in critical condition.

The shooter fled the scene and is described as a white male in his 20s, average build in a baseball cap, black jacket, blue or tan jeans, and black tactical boots.

The gunman remains at large and hundreds of law enforcement officers have flooded the area to find him.

UC Davis issued a "shelter in place" notice.

UPDATE: Police are following up on a lead, ready to neutralize the gunman.

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Rookies ride with a Field Training Officer (FTO) until the FTO considers the rookie ready to work solo. I broke in two rookies as an FTO; one made it and one didn't. It was enjoyable teaching the former the ropes and an exercise in frustration with the latter, who was eventually given to another FTO not nearly as patient as I and he soon resigned and went to work for a small town department. He didn't last long there, either. He simply didn't have what it takes to be a cop. No FTO wants to cut somebody loose who will soon be asked, "Who the hell broke you in?"