BREAKING: Detroit Officer Dies Of Coronavirus, Department's 2nd Death In 2 Days

Sandy Malone

A Detroit police officer died of coronavirus just one day after one of the department's 911 dispatchers succumbed.

Detroit, MI – A Detroit police officer has died of coronavirus, just a day after a 911 dispatcher for the Detroit Police Department died from the rapidly spreading virus.

WXYZ first reported on the police department’s second death in as many days on Tuesday evening.

The police department has not yet released the fallen hero’s name, nor any information about whether he was exposed to the coronavirus on duty.

A 38-year-old Detroit police dispatcher died early Monday morning after he returned from vacation sick and went to work.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said the dispatcher, whose name also has not been released, traveled out of state on vacation during the week of March 9.

When he returned to work on March 16, he wasn’t feeling well and ended up taking sick leave the following day, the mayor explained during a press conference on Tuesday.

The dispatcher worked one more shift on March 18 before he took another sick day on March 19.

He was admitted to intensive care for suspected bronchitis on Saturday, WJBK reported.

Duggan said that the dispatcher’s COVID-19 test result did not come back until hours after he passed away early Monday morning.

Wayne State University Dr. Robert Dunne, who has been working with the department’s employees, said that the dispatcher did not have any significant pre-existing medical issues.

"It is not just elderly people who are dying of this disease," Duggan said during the press conference. "It is critical that we respect the social distancing rules."

The mayor said he is withholding the dispatcher’s name out of respect for his family.

“The thoughts and prayers of every Detroiter are with you today,” Duggan told the employee’s loved ones.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said he has spoken with the employee’s parents on multiple occasions.

The dispatcher served the City of Detroit for a total of 11 years. He initially worked for the city’s transportation department before he joined the DPD eight years ago, Chief Craig said.

“Make no mistake – our 911 call-takers, our dispatchers are indeed first responders,” the chief continued. “He was beloved. He was respected by all who worked with him…He’s going to be truly missed.”

The Detroit Police Department’s (DPD) had already established a backup 911 center to be utilized in the event the primary facility was ever compromised, WJBK reported.

The 911 operators have already been moved to the backup facility while the primary center is being deep-cleaned.

"Had this happened two years ago, this would have been an operational difficulty," Duggan explained. "Because we have [other] sources, I doubt any citizens were even aware the transition took place."

The dispatcher’s death was the first COVID-19 fatality for DPD.

Nearly 300 DPD officers have been quarantined and nine have tested positive for the novel coronavirus as of Tuesday, WJBK reported.

As of Tuesday, the state confirmed that 1,791 people had tested positive for coronavirus in Michigan and 24 people have died, WDIV reported.

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God grant the families both blood and blue peace within. We pray for healing of the other officers who have become ill. In Jesus name Father God. Amen 🙏

Please be kind in your comments. He obviously had no idea or he wouldn’t have come to work. There are still other illnesses that people get sick with other than covid-19.
11 years on the job, and with this outbreak, I’m sure they’ve been working overtime too. God bless them all. 🙏 💙

No. 1-7

huh. this thing is turning out to be a hell of a hoax, isn't it?


No, I don't think it is a hoax however people do die every year from the flu and garden-variety viruses. One does ponder however the "convenience" that this virus has brought to the Democrats since we all know that neither of their Presidential candidates appeals to most of the masses. All of a sudden there is little being said about either candidate or their plans for the country. Could this be intentionally neglected by the media? Did this simply come along at an opportune time for the Democrats to be able to divert media attention away from their candidates, and keep the candidates out of the headlines?


"It is not just elderly people who are dying of this disease," Duggan said during the press conference. "It is critical that we respect the social distancing rules."

Very interesting


HIPPA regulations need to be suspended to protect our first responders and health care workers who need to know, beforehand, if someone they will be dealing with, or have recently dealt with, is - or was - infected.


The Democrats murder babies all year long, thousands, but anyone that dies, not on purpose like the babies, and they raise hell. I hope they note the word HELL.


If an officer has a heart attack, they name him/her. If the officer had 9/11 related illness, they name the officer. The fact that this article doesn't name names, gives more support to the hoax-19 virus. Sadly, most people consume the Freemason owned news without question. USA INC. at work folks, wake up, ......or don't.