BREAKING: Confirmed Active Shooter At Virginia Beach Municipal Building

Sandy Malone

Multiple people were shot during an "active shooter situation" in Virginia Beach on Friday afternoon.

Virginia Beach, VA – Multiple people were shot in what police are calling an “active shooter situation” in Virginia Beach on Friday afternoon.

Police believe that only one shooter is involved and said that person was taken into custody shortly before 5 p.m. on May 31, WJLA reported.

There was no word yet on the extent of the victims' injuries, according to WAVY.

The incident occurred in the public works building (Building 2) of the Virginia Beach Municipal Center.

An employee who was evacuating the building after the active shooter alert said he found a woman covered in blood in the stairwell, WAVY reported.

Police were seen carrying a victim from the building covered in blood, and then putting the person in the trunk of a police car to evacuate them from the danger zone.

Two more victims were transported to the back of the parking lot, out of harm’s way, in the back of a pickup truck, WAVY reported.

Sentara Princess Anne Hospital has been placed in lockdown and police are asking the community to avoid the immediate area around the municipal center.

Multiple police departments have responded to the scene and WJLA confirmed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Norfolk office also had agents en route to the scene.

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Here comes the left...with no concern for those wounded or killed...SCREAMING....GUN CONTROL...I hope and pray for those injured and killed and their families...GOD SPEED


OMG Prayers for those killed and injured. I pray they got the shooter, this is awful. Fro any and all LEO involved , please be careful out there.


This is another sad example of gun control (and "gun free zones") being a complete failure. Had the victims been armed there'd have been fewer of them injured/killed.