BREAKING: CNN Evacuated For Package, Bombs Sent To Clintons, Obama

Sandy Malone

"CNN Newsroom" was reporting that the bombs sent to the White House and several political luminaries were connected.

New York, NY – CNN cut a live news feed as their employees were evacuated from the Time Warner Center because of a suspicious package on Wednesday morning.

The show “CNN Newsroom” was actually discussing suspicious packages sent to the White House and the homes of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama when an alarm went off in the newsroom.

CNN later issued a correction that no bomb had been sent to the White House.

The U.S. Secret Service intercepted the package intended to reach Obama’s home in Washington, DC, according to The Hill.

CNN was reporting that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said the bombs sent to George Soros, the White House, and former president Clinton and Obama, were connected when an alarm went off in the studio.

“We just evacuated CNN NY office in the middle of our show. We are with our CNN colleagues. Potential explosive device received here,” CNN news anchor Poppy Barlow tweeted.

Shortly thereafter, WTVJ reported that a suspicious package had also arrived at the Sunrise offices of U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Florida) on Wednesday.

Barlow continued reporting from the sidewalk after CNN was evacuated, and said there was concern the device inside the Time Warner Center could not be safely defused at that location.

FBI officials confirmed the package sent to CNN was an actual explosive device. They said all the devices sent appeared to be “functional, but rudimentary.”

The New York Police Department was considering moving the improvised explosive device to a location in the Bronx called Rodman’s Neck, where it could be detonated inside a safe facility, CNN reported.

CNN President Jeff Zucker sent out an email to employees shortly after the evacuation of the newsroom that said the building was "evacuated out of an abundance of caution.”

Networks were reporting that neither the Clintons nor the Obamas were in residence when the packages arrived, but the U.S. Secret Service said there was never any risk the suspicious items would have made it to their intended recipients.

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At first I thought this was just Killary trying to get attention. Then the Oslami's... But to have CNN jump into the mix? Is this how the left gets their pity party on? Trying to get people killed???


Probably some of their own people who went off the deep end. It's clear that it's someone who has ties with all these groups. That leaves out conservatives.

Richard Kurtz
Richard Kurtz

I wouldn't be surprised if some lefty did it in order to make the right look bad. That is their MO.


Hillary received her hubby's viagra by mistake, Bill received her new rubber phallus and Obama received President Trumps magic wand so he can wave it over his crotch and pray for balls....and Jim Acosta will interrupt President Trump to ask " Mr. President are you going to ask Mr. Obama to return your magic wand?...sir please answer the question" which President Trump will reply..."No...I'm going to have him let you borrow it so you too can grow a pair"


This has right wing written all over it.

41 abortion clinics and countless black churches since the 60s and as recent as last year clearly show who the most likely mail bomb candidate would be.

Austin TX, Oklahoma City, Birmingham, Tulsa. Ted Kaczynski. I could go on.