BREAKING: Baltimore Officer Shot By Masked Gunmen

Sandy Malone

A Baltimore police sergeant was shot in Northeast Baltimore on Thursday afternoon.

Baltimore, MD – A Baltimore police sergeant was shot in Northeast Baltimore on Thursday afternoon.

A witness told police that she saw two men attack the sergeant.

The incident occurred in the 5500-block of Summerfield Avenue near Anntana Avenue in the Frankford neighborhood, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Latoya Pearson, 39, told police she saw two young males approach the officer, who was not in uniform.

“The cop was outside, two other people came up to him,” Pearson said.

She said there was an altercation and the two men took the officer to the ground, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Then one of the men fired a gun at him, Pearson said.

“They was kicking him and they started shooting him,” she said.

Pearson said the men tried to take something from the officer - perhaps his phone or wallet - and then fled, The Baltimore Sun reported.

She said she sat with the officer and tried to comfort him as they waited for the ambulance to arrive.

“I just kept telling him he was going to be okay,” Pearson told The Baltimore Sun.

She said the ambulance arrived almost immediately.

Police were searching for a royal blue Acura with men wearing face masks.

Traffic on Interstate 95 was reportedly being shut down to allow easy transport of the wounded officer to University of Maryland Medical Center Shock Trauma.

Police helicopters were seen searching the area above and around Summerfield Avenue.

Baltimore police have not released the name of the sergeant who was shot or said which district he worked in.

Officials also haven’t released any information about the wounded sergeant’s condition.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Spokeswoman Amanda Hils confirmed that the Baltimore officer of the agency was assisting the Baltimore Police Department with the shooting investigation.

Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 3, the union that represents Baltimore police officers, said FOP First Vice President Ken Butler and Sgt. William MacDonald were on the way Shock Trauma to offer their support, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan was “praying for safe and full recovery” for the sergeant, The Baltimore Sun reported.

The governor asked "that you please join us in keeping this brave officer in your prayers.”

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Old Hawg
Old Hawg

You can also get live radio updates at, a Baltimore AM radio news station.


A Baltimore cop? He was probably involved in a drug deal gone bad, given BPD's record.


Mayor didn’t condemn the shooters.....


Any comments Elijah? Where is reverend Al?


Hi_estComnDenomn, SHUT THE FUCK UP. This is what happens when politicians fan the flames of hate on the police and racial tensions.

National Guard should be patrolling the streets of Baltimore. Shit hole of America and elijah cummings has done nothing in the past 40 yrs representing baltimore.

Where are the millions of dollars the feds gave baltimore Rep. Cummings?

You bash Trump but it was you who have been in congress for 40 plus yrs and Baltimore was a shit hole under Obama and he too did nothing to uplift the black population. More Blacks were locked up in federal prison under obama and on unemployment in the 8 yrs he was president. Stats and facts don't lie.

Old Hawg
Old Hawg

According to the local news, the sergeant was in his own front yard talking with his neighbor when a car pulled up, two masked men got out, and proceeded to rob them at gunpoint. The neighbor got up and ran one way, so the sergeant got up and ran the other. One of the robbers chased the sergeant and shot him multiple times. He's now on life support at Shock/Trauma.


Prayers for this officer is he fights for his life and prayers did the police find the two responsible for this horrific tragic ambush of a Baltimore police officer

Old Hawg
Old Hawg

Two suspects were arrested this afternoon after bailing out of a vehicle matching the suspect vehicle description. They fled into a wooded area in South Baltimore before being located and apprehended.