BREAKING: At Least One NYPD Officer Shot

Christopher Berg

An NYPD officer has been shot in Queens.

Queens, NY - At least one NYPD officer has been confirmed to have been shot, with unconfirmed reports of additional gunshot victims

The incident started as a report of a robbery in the area of Atlantic Ave & 120th St at around 6 p.m., according to scanner traffic.

NBC News reports one officer shot. ~~There are rumors of a second officer shot, but we have been unable to confirm those at this time.~~

UPDATE: NBC News now reports that police officials confirmed that there is a second officer down.

The wounded officer was transported by patrol car to Jamaica Hospital.

~~The suspect's disposition has not been confirmed.~~

UPDATE: The suspect was shot and has been transported to the hospital. No identities or conditions have been released at this time.

UPDATE: The NYC Police Benevolent Association has confirmed that one officer has succumbed to his injuries.

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RIP and condolences to Blue everywhere. (Hey Boogers, you fucking dipshit, what sort of idiotic comments are you going to have now? I suppose if there is not video to your liking you are going to blame the LEO's? Fuck you!!)


Awful day. Friendly fire.

May God bring strenghth to Det Simonsen’s family and cops in the NYPD to guide them through their agony and lost.