BREAKING: At Least One Active Shooter Near Odessa, 20+ Wounded, Officer Down

Christopher Berg

Police are looking for two active shooters near Odessa, Texas.

Odessa, TX - Law enforcement officers are searching for two active shooters in the Midland-Odessa metro area after they committed mass shootings across multiple locations

At least one law enforcement officer and 20+ people are reported to have been shot, according to CNN.

Multiple active shooters are rare, but the Midland Police Department confirmed that they are looking for two shooters in two different vehicles who opened fire at numerous locations.

Midland PD advised that one suspect was driving loop 250 in Midland. The gunmen's vehicles are described as a small gold/white Toyota truck and a USPS postal van.

They are described to be driving around shooting random people.

One suspect is reported to be in custody at the Cinergy of Midland, but it's unclear what vehicle that suspect was in, according to CBS7.

UPDATE: 3 officers are down, 5 people dead, 21 wounded.

UPDATE: Video has been posted online showing officers in a gunfight with one of the gunmen:

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I’ll never understand these morons that stand in plain view during a gun fight just to film with their shitty cellphone.


Please pray for my city, law enforcement, all victims. Particularly a 17 month old baby girl hit with bullet fragments, my daughter witnessed her being treated at the scene.