BREAKING: At Least 2 Dead In Shooting At Texas A&M University

Sandy Malone

Two people are dead and another is wounded in a shooting at a dormitory at Texas A&M University - Commerce on Monday.

Commerce, TX – Two people were fatally shot, and another was seriously wounded, inside a dormitory at Texas A&M University – Commerce on Monday.

The university police department confirmed the incident occurred on Feb. 3 inside Pride Rock residence hall, ABC News reported.

Officers responded to the residence hall shortly before noon for a report of gun shots.

When they arrived, they found three people had been shot inside the building, NBC News reported.

Two of the people were already dead, but a third person was transported to a nearby hospital in unknown condition.

Pride Rock is a three-story dormitory for freshman students, WFAA reported.

Students were warned to hide and “shelter in place” as a precautionary measure, NBC News reported.

“Students, faculty and staff are instructed to take shelter and stay in place until further notice. This is a precautionary measure,” the university posted on its official Facebook page.

“A&M-Commerce UPD is actively investigating three gunshot victims in Pride Rock Residence Hall on the A&M-Commerce campus,” the missive continued. “There have been two confirmed deaths. The third victim has been taken to the hospital for treatment. UPD has stationed officers throughout the campus, including all key gathering points, for the safety of the campus community. We will continue to provide updates as they become available”

Classes were cancelled for the remainder of the day, ABC News reported.

University police have not said if a suspect is in custody.

Texas A&M Commerce is located 200 miles north of the university’s main campus in College Station, ABC News reported.

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Where's that teacher with the yardstick?




These school shootings are becoming far too common. It mirrors the airline hijacking before 911. Anyone who has kids or relatives in school should see this and demand that security measures, like they have at airports be required on a federal basis, with federal funding. Trust me, we have the money. It's called our national debt (20 trillion). Don't let the debt scare you. It's backed by our assets. Until the last 10 years, those "assets" were only a fraction of the debt, however since we uncovered our monopoly on shale oil reserves, the debt is now only a fraction of our assets.

Table I. Top Ten Ranked Countries by Oil Shale Resource Volume
Rank Deposit
Resource in Place
(Billions Bbls)
1 United States 6,000
2 Russia 248
3 Democratic Republic of the Congo 100
4 Brazil 82
5 Italy 73
6 Morocco 53
7 Jordan 34
8 Australia 32
9 Estonia 16
10 China 10


The best response to the (seemingly) ever-increasing number of criminal and crazy shooters is a liberally armed and educated (in firearms safety and use) population, coupled with the elimination of most "gun-free" zones.
People in even temporary custody of other people's children should be offered free training and arms by their employers, on a voluntary basis. In case where too few teachers volunteering in a given school location to provide quick response coverage of all the classrooms and near-instantaneous armed protection of children, armed security personnel should be provided.
These teams of teachers and security should be introduced too, train with, and known to local first responders and vice-versa, so as to reduce mitigate the chances of "friendly fire" incidents in active shooter situations. Armed teachers and security personnel would be subjected to psych-review and episodic refresher training by police and security experts.
Security personnel know that you can't stop all armed attacks, nor prevent harm to innocents when the attacker is willing to for while killing others, but we can harden our most precious "targets" and more quickly stop or eliminate attackers by better training and arming of "good guys".