BREAKING: Active Shooter Reported At New York Mall

Police are responding to a reported active shooter at a New York mall.

Middletown, NY - An active shooter has been reported at the Galleria at Crystal Run mall in Middletown, according to police scanner traffic.

The police radio indicates at least two victims.

NY State police have confirmed that the American Eagle has been evacuated, and people on social media are reporting that the mall is going into lockdown.

UPDATE: New York State Police have confirmed two victims were injured in American Eagle. We're still working on getting updates on the gunman.

UPDATE: The Galleria Mall shooter is not in custody. No suspect info yet. This does not appear to be an "active shooter" situation at this time.

UPDATE: The shooting was determined to be "accidental" when somebody inadvertently fired their gun inside of American Eagle, ricocheted off of the floor, and struck glass. Two people were injured by the flying glass.

Police statement: “At this time, what we are hearing was that the shooting was an accidental discharge from a firearm. A round hit the floor then ricocheted off of glass injuring people. People have minor injuries from the glass shards, AND NO FATALITIES HAVE BEEN REPORTED AT THIS TIME. No one can confirm an active shooter entering or exiting the mall. The Galleria has been placed on lock down as normal protocol and police are still investigating at this time. Again, reports are still unconfirmed and we will update you as soon as we get more information available. Thank you”

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So this is the world we've grown? An accidental discharge locks down a mall and is considered an "active shooter" situation... People cry and want their mommy... Look, the idiot that was improperly carrying his firearm OR had it in disrepair is at fault... I've had an accidental discharge (determined to be a improperly seated primer) so I can tell you, shit happens... But that didn't happen here, he obviously carried said firearm(I'm assuming a pistol) with a round in the chamber, so either the holster was not adequate to cover the trigger, he was carrying a revolver or da/sa and the hammer got caught, he was fondling his weapon in public (a serious no-no), or (least likely because it never happens) there was spontaneous combustion of the ammo or mechanical failure of the trigger mechanism that caused the gun to fire on it's own with no human input... The fact that people panic the way they do is what gives power to a "gunman"... The key to stopping the real criminals is to carry a gun so you can shoot back, know how to use it, carry it, draw it, and shoot it properly, and if you hear shots DONT PANIC! Take the terror out of terrorism and put the fear of God into the terrorist


There are 300 million so guns in this country. And about 200,000 plus ccw holders nationally. There those who are ccw carriers who have no idea what they are doing and there are more ccw holders who do know because they train they shoot regarly and have proper holsters. Can’t blame the whole ccw community. But in this time we live in people who have ccw are active and ret. cops should be carring sidearm when out and about
In daily lives. Blue cavlary will not get there in time. You will be on your own.