BREAKING: Active Shooter On MillerCoors HQ Campus, Multiple People Shot

Sandy Malone

An active shooter was reported on the MillerCoors headquarters campus in Milwaukee and multiple people have been shot.

Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee police are responding to an active shooter on the campus of the MillerCoors headquarters on Wednesday and there are reports of multiple victims down.

WITI reported that sources have told them that at least six or seven people have been shot on the corporate campus.

There are unconfirmed reports that the shooter is also down.

Police have said the situation is still active and police in tactical gear are still arriving on the scene, WITI reported.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that MillerCoors put out an alert on its campus Wednesday afternoon that instructed its employees to hide.

The email warned that the active shooter was located in or near South Packaging, Building 4, in the second-floor stairwell.

The entire MillerCoors campus was placed on lockdown, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

There are 1,400 employees who work on the campus which is located in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

There were unconfirmed reports that the gunman was a disgruntled employee, WITI reported.

Multiple law enforcement agencies have responded to the scene to assist Milwaukee police.

The Milwaukee Human Society and other nearby businesses have gone into lockdown, WITI reported.

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We are probably looking at a mentally unhinged white male (probably with white supremacist leanings) who didn't get enough hugs, too much meth and was probably denied his beer. I pray for the victims of this tragedy.

No. 1-4


"According to CBS Chicago, the gunman was fired earlier in the day. He went home, retrieved a gun, returned to the plan and began firing. He reportedly had a suppressor on his firearm".


Drink Bud Light.