BREAKING: 2 Firefighters Reportedly Shot By 'Active Shooter' At Retirement Home

The fire department has confirmed that two firefighters were wounded when they responded to a high-rise retirement home.

Long Beach, CA – Two people were reportedly shot during an active shooter situation at a high-rise senior and disabled housing facility in Long Beach early Monday morning.

Police responded to Covenant Manor on E. 4th Street shortly after 3:40 a.m. when an active shooter was reported shortly after an explosion and gunshots were heard by some of the neighbors, KCBS reported.

A police helicopter hovered over the building where the fire alarm lights could be seen going on and off, according to KCBS.

One resident told KCBS that he was leading a group of residents out of the building when they encountered a man with a gun sitting on the stairs between the third and second floor with a gun in his hand.

The resident said he recognized the man with the gun as somebody he has seen bicycling in the area, but he did not know the man’s name.

After encountering the man believed to be the gunman, the resident led the group back up the stairwell and out via another exit, and then went to tell police what they had seen, KCBS reported.

Another resident told KCBS that he had heard an explosion and seen a destroyed glass sliding door.

The man told KCBS that he saw one of his neighbors had been shot during the incident.

A SWAT team descended on the building shortly before 5 a.m. local time, and shortly thereafter, police said the scene was no longer an active shooter situation.

“All I can confirm at this time is that there has been a shooting,” Long Beach Police Sergeant Brad Johnson told KCBS “Not an active shooter situation. Investigation is ongoing.”

The Daily Breeze News reported on Twitter that two firefighters had been shot and taken to a trauma center after responding to the explosion.

Long Beach Fire Department officials confirmed that two firefighters were injured after having been shot at, KABC reported.

However, another fire department official told KCBS that the “details were complicated” and wound not elaborate on the firefighters injuries.

It is not known at this time how many victims there were in addition to the firefighters who were wounded, but reports from witnesses included injuries to residents of the facility.

Residents of the building have been evacuated and the nearby streets have been closed, KABC reported.

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