Boston Mayor Tells Uncooperative Shooting Victims 'Stop Blaming The Police'

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh vented his frustration to reporters on Thursday.

Boston, MA – Boston Mayor Martin “Marty” Walsh voiced his frustration about the lack of cooperation police have received from shooting victims in the wake of Fourth of July attacks that left four people injured and one man dead.

"The people that got shot, you need to step up and talk about who shot you and stop blaming the police and blaming the community and blaming society," Walsh told reporters on July 5.

"If you got shot by a gun and you know who it is, then you need to help us out," he said.

Police were called to Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood at approximately 7 p.m., after adults at a party began shooting at one another in the street, WBZ reported.

A children’s bouncy house was just 20 feet away from the gunfire.

Police said that four individuals were shot during the altercation, and one suffered critical injuries, Mass Live reported.

The victims varied in age from 22 years old to their late 40s, and investigators found bullet casings from three separate weapons at the scene, according to WBZ.

"The thing that's frustrating about it, not one of them are talking,” the mayor said. “No one wants to say anything. You didn't see anything? You got shot and you didn't see anything?”

"What bothered me most was that there were young kids in the neighborhood. They were little ones, little babies," Walsh said. "They don't know what's going on. They're out to have fun.”

“To have a couple cowards roll in with guns and think they're tough guys and shooting each other, you could've done some real harm to some little kids out here yesterday, and some innocent people,” he railed.

At approximately 10 p.m., police were called back to the same neighborhood for another shooting less than a mile away, NECN reported.

In that incident, a man in his 30s was murdered.

"It's time for the kids that are active in the game out in the neighborhood to step up, man up, and start to take responsibility for who they are and never mind this coward's way out of shooting each other and not telling anybody," Walsh said. "If somebody shoots you, you gotta talk about who shot you.”

"You are going to hurt somebody else," the frustrated mayor continued. "If you want to kill each other - it's a horrible thing, and I don't want to stand here as mayor and say, you know, we're justifying that - you kill each other.”

“But what happens is you kill an innocent person and you disrupt a whole community,” Walsh said. “You send the wrong message to young people and you send the wrong message to children in the neighborhood..."

The mayor came under fire for his comments, with some people alleging he was ‘victim blaming’ the people who had been shot.

Walsh later released a statement on Twitter, encouraging the community to work together to keep the city safe.

No arrests have been made in either Independence Day shooting, WBZ reported.

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Streets code of silence.


How dare that mean old white mayor ask the "innocent" victims (the ones ALSO playing with guns in the street) to assist police. Telling them to man-up instead of killing one another within a few feet of small children. He should be ashamed of himself and his white privilege.

  • So so tired of the BS as regards race - from whatever source. Anyone else notice the first tweet coming from an overly stereotypical white guy?! He's probably so confused by negative media and race-shaming that he now believes himself black. And or a woman. Or another pronoun not listed. GET A GRIP PEOPLE!

Streets code of ignorance.


It was always amazing to me that at shooting calls, when it’s thugs shooting thugs nobody has seen anything but then want to raise hell because nobody is in jail. Then they make comments “if it was a white neighborhood they would solve the case”. The difference is people in most neighborhoods cooperate with police and tell them who fired the shots. It’s silly when people get shoot and they know who the shooter is but won’t say anything because they think they will take care of them without the help of law enforcement. That’s when more innocent people get killed, because stupid doing stupid stuff. I praise the mayor for his comments!!


My hometown and neighborhood.........and yes I agree with the mayor. "code of silence" is more the "code of I'm scared shitless of the thugs".