Border Patrol Agents Attacked While Helping Pregnant Woman

U.S. Border Patrol agents were attacked as they tried to help a pregnant Mexican woman at a port of entry.

Progreso, TX – Illegal aliens attacked U.S. Border Patrol agents with rocks as the agents tried to help a distressed pregnant woman at the Progreso Port of Entry on Saturday, the agency said in a press release.

After a group of illegal aliens unsuccessfully attempted to “gain entry to the United States,” Weslaco Station agents noticed them attempting to use a tree to climb up the port, according to the Wednesday press release.

The agents approached the group and saw two individuals up on a bridge and a 25-year-old “woman in distress” on the ground by the base of the tree.

The woman, who agents said was a “Mexican national,” said she was pregnant and complained of back pain.

But as the agents began providing her with medical assistance, the subjects on top of the bridge began pelting them with rocks, the press release read.

The woman was rushed to a safe location, and local emergency medical personnel then transported her to a hospital to be evaluated.

When she is released, she will be “processed accordingly,” the agency said.

The individuals who attacked the agents fled back to Mexico, according to the press release.

The Rio Grande Valley Sector rescued 1,157 people between Oct. 1, 2017 and June 30 – an increase of 53 percent since last year, the agency said.

On Monday, McAllen Station agents saved a three-year-old girl who was abandoned by smugglers as they were taking the child across the Rio Grande River, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The agents launched a search party for the little girl after they located a group of illegal aliens under a bridge.

The child’s mother said that the smuggler had separated her from her daughter, and that she last saw them “both drifting down the river,” the press release read.

Agents eventually located the child unharmed, walking alone on a roadway, and reunited her with her mother.

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The utter desperation these people must be facing in their country is heart-breaking. Obviously this woman was trying to have her child here for citizenship and the woman who was separated from the 3-yr-old reeks of the same attempt. And I'm all for tough borders - is just hard to hear these stories. I do wish we could come up with a better solution that leaves our border secured while streamlining the legal immigration process so people don't feel the need to try to cross illegally (especially during labor!) . I fear that this will never come to fruition because it's such a political hot topic. The best way to stay in power is to find a few causes that don't have easy solutions and take a hard line. The side doesn't really matter, just that you take one and dig in.


@Mrs10 I agree that people flooding over our borders are probably desperate. They simply have to stop breaking the laws to come in. I would never give citizen status to the children born of illegal immigrants. That's part of the reason pregnant women keep coming here. WINNER!!! You broke into the US and had your baby! You and your baby, and all their heirs are now provided sanctuary status in perpetuity. That's crazy. Someone breaks in to your house; they don't get to keep your house and your stuff.

Our leaders are all up to their eyes in this fiasco. All of them. Build the damn wall.


Wonder why main stream news doesn't publish stories like these? Very strange.


And these aren’t tiny rocks!