Body Found, Believed To Be 3-Year-Old Special Needs Child Who Was Forced To Stand Outside At 3 AM

The three-year-old went missing about two weeks ago, when her father left her outside at 3 AM as punishment for not drinking her milk.

Richardson, TX - On Sunday afternoon, Richardson police announced that they believe they have found the body of missing three-year-old Sherin Mathews.

The child, who had mental disabilities which made it difficult for her to communicate, was reported missing by her father about two weeks ago, according to Fox News .

Detectives from the Richardson Police Department discovered a body around 11 AM on Sunday in a culvert beneath a road near her father's residence.

Police believe it to be Sherin's body but cannot confirm until there is a positive identification by "proper officials."

Questions have surrounded the adopted child's disappearance, after her father says that he left her outside at 3 AM to punish her for not drinking her milk.

He reported her missing about five hours after he left her outside, in an area that he described as populated by coyotes.

Detectives also discovered on the night Sherin disappeared that someone had driven the family SUV away from their home in Richardson, and didn't return until an hour later.

Wesley Mathews has also changed his story about Sherin's disappearance since he first talked to police. Mathews did not tell police until days after her disappearance that he had done laundry before he reported her missing.

Sherin's mother was reportedly asleep when she went missing.

Police have used search warrants to seize multiple items of potential evidence, including a vacuum cleaner, trash bags, hair fibers, cell phones, and laptops.

Other items that were seized which may have significant evidentiary value include a blue string, dark hair-like fibers, vacuum contents, two yellow gloves, dish scrubber inside two grocery bags, the washer and dryer, and surveillance video from the neighbors.

Other items seized included receipts, grass, and other debris from three vehicles belonging to the Mathews family. DNA swabs have been collected by officers from Wesley Mathews and his wife.

Sherin had been adopted by the Mathews in June, 2016, after she had been abandoned in her native country of India.

Wesley Mathews has been charged with child endangerment but has been released from jail on bond. He is wearing an ankle monitor to keep track of his location.

The couple's four-year-old daughter is in the custody of a family friend. Child Protective Services has said that they are familiar with the family but would not release additional details.

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Not nearly enough stringent observation goes into adoption cases, especially intrastate, and from out of the country! that man killed that child. i know it, you know and they know the forensic team needs to get busy and prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. This kind of child endangerment does not happen over night! mom needs to be charged as an accessory and dad needs to go up on 2nd degree homicide charges. poor child...not enough language to explain the I will let it go there....


I didn't want to find out this had happened. If she had gone missing, I could just imagine a family was desperate and giving her inordinate amounts of love. Or a member of her own family knew he would treat her this way and took her away to keep her safe. I can't deal with humanity on this level anymore, please hold everyone who commits heinous crimes against people accountable.


Why do I have to click on "read more"? I clicked on the article because I wanted to read it!


3am in the cold night? Coyotes? Reported 5 hours after locking her out?