Bill Would Triple Max Sentence For Killing Police K9s

State Senator Aaron Bean has proposed legislation that would triple the max sentence time for K9 killers.

Tallahassee, FL – A Republican state senator proposed legislation to triple the maximum prison sentence to 15 years for killing a police K9.

Florida State Senator Aaron Bean (R-Jacksonville) filed the bill Tuesday, less than two months after K9 Fang of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office was shot and killed in the line of duty, according to WJXT.

K9 Fang was murdered on Sept. 30 by a 17-year-old armed carjacking suspect.

The teenage boy fatally shot K9 Fang who was chasing him, according to the Miami Herald.

The suspect was eventually captured by another Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office K9.

If passed, Bean’s bill would make it a second-degree felony to harm a police, fire, or search and rescue animal in Florida.

"It's the Fang Memorial Bill, which will hold people accountable for murdering a police dog," Bean told WJXT.

Currently, killing a first responder dog in Florida is a third-degree felony, with a maximum sentence of up to five years in prison, according to WJXT.

“Meeting with JSO and other officers, how Fang was a part of the family, and I think everybody was shocked to find out it’s only a third-degree felony to murder a police dog or a police horse, and so we’re going to change that,” Bean announced.

“A second-degree felony is where we want it to be to give our prosecutors ample resources to hold people accountable,” he said.

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Bean met with Debbie Johnson, a police K9 advocate and the founder of the nonprofit K9s United, before introducing the legislation.

Johnson started an online petition to increase the prison time for criminals convicted of killing a police K9.

Thus far, the petition has more than 23,000 signatures, according to WJXT.

"There's no doubt in my mind, that [Fang] saved his handler that night," Johnson said, according to WJXT. "If we can strengthen the laws, that street-smart criminal might stop and think that they might serve more time if they kill a K9."

Bean said he believed he has the support to get the bill passed.

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The same should apply to any police officer who shoots a harmless family dog when under no actual threat. This happens about 10,000 times per year per Department of Justice numbers. I'm all for it if the law is applied equally.


It's about time! And I liked that he included the search and rescue dogs as well. I still remember the story about the savage perp who strangled the two gentle tracking dogs who were not trained to bite and defend themselves.


I support this and think every state should get on board with it.


What about a bill to triple the sentence of anyone who kills a LEO? or maybe better yet a mandatory death sentence? Seems that is surely a priority as well.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

Certainly hope there is an exception for people the K9 wasn't looking for, innocent suspects, etc.