Bill Would Reduce Age To Charge Teen Cop-Killers As Adults

A Utah state representative filed the bill after Officer Brotherson's killers were only sentenced to a few years.

Salt Lake City, UT – A Utah state representative has filed a bill aimed at lowering the age threshold for charging juveniles as adults when they murder law enforcement officers.

Utah law presently requires that a youth be at least 16 years of age in order for their offense to be taken into the adult legal system, KTSU reported.

Under House Bill 190, filed by Rep. Mike Winder, R-West Valley, juveniles accused of killing a police officer could be taken into the adult court system at the age of 15.

“When someone targets a police officer, in some ways it’s a higher offense because that officer represents all of us in trying to keep law and order,” Rep. Winder told KTSU.

He said bill was inspired by the family of West Valley City Police Department (WVPD) Officer Cody Brotherson, who was hit by a vehicle traveling 70 mph on Nov. 6, 2016.

Three juveniles, aged 14, 15, and 16, slammed the stolen car into 25-year-old Officer Brotherson as he deployed spike strips onto the roadway in an effort to stop their vehicle, KTSU reported.

An officer who witnessed the collision said that he saw the vehicle swerve towards Officer Brotherson.

All three occupants were gang members, and they received the maximum juvenile sentence of incarceration until the age of 21.

Brotherson’s family felt that the sentences fell far short of delivering justice, and wanted to see their son’s murderers tried as adults.

“I believe that if you intentionally murder a police officer or kill a police officer during an active crime, you deserve to face adult consequences. Quite honestly, these guys shouldn't have been on the street the day they were. They had been committing assaults prior to that,” one of Officer Brotherson’s family members told KSTU.

“This doesn't fit the crime that occurred,” WVPD Chief Lee Russo said. “This doesn't pay for the loss that we've all suffered. I do believe there should be some enhancements. There should be some level of protection for police officers when something like this happens.”

The bill has been sent to agencies for fiscal input, according to the Utah State Legislature website.


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8444 never forget
8444 never forget

Cody we miss you.


Why didn't the 16 year old get charged as a adult in this case. That would have been at least one left in jail. Other states make choices on how these criminals are charged. For example 14 and 15 year old know what they're doing. Running from the police even if it's in a car is still wrong. These three guys should have been charged with premeditated murder and all given the same sentence. None of them had the right to take this Officer's life! Had these 3 gang bangers not been together, driving crazy, trying to out run a police man I could say they were young teens and didn't understand what they done. I can promise you if this officer had just pulled his gun and started shooting as they were driving towards him those parents or family would be seeking money from the state right now! Maybe this officer's family should do that to all three families, after all these were minors. Even if the families don't have money right there are different types of attachments that can be placed against them if they ever got some. I know I would not so much for the money, because I would set up a program or something to help others be aware of, what our officers, sheriffs, FBI and other services go through just to keep us safe and alive. This family could talk to a lawyer and see about it. I see sometimes others comment on a subject like this, they say its not worth it the others don't have money, it's all over they just want it left alone, they don't want the money or those kids parents aren't responsible.
It's never to late to make changes, it takes time, money, people, desire, faith, owning up to mistakes, leadership, responsibility, respect and love for one another.
My thoughts and prayers go out to this Officer's family at home and in Blue. Rest in Peace Sir!


These POS should be dead never mind gettingn out of jail to commit more crime! If you kill a cop you should get killed yourself, simple as that.