Man Tries To Take Cop's Gun

David Gillespie fought with police during a drug raid at a residence on Aug. 16.

Beckley, WV Raleigh County deputies successfully subdued a convicted felon during a drug raid at a residence on Aug. 16 after he attempted to take a deputys weapon.

He put up quite a fight, Raleigh County Sheriffs Office Captain Jim Bare told Blue Lives Matter on Friday.

The incident occurred at approximately 7:50 a.m., when the Raleigh County Sheriffs Office Special Response Team (SRT) executed a search warrant obtained by the Beckley Raleigh County Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force, according to the agencys arrest report.

The team announced their presence at the Crab Orchard residence, then used a battering ram to force their way into the dark basement of the home.

Using tactical lights attached to their weapons, the officers spotted two individuals hiding beneath a blanket on a bed.

The suspects refused to comply with commands to show their hands, so the officers yanked a male from the bed and onto the floor, where he instantly became combative, according to the arrest report.

Deputies first attempted to force his hands behind his back, but were unsuccessful due to his strength and willingness to fight, Sergeant G. Kade wrote in the report.

According to jail records, the suspect was described as being six feet, one inch tall, and weighed 230 pounds.

Hes trying to grab my gun! Sergeant R. White alerted his fellow officers as the fight ensued, according to the arrest report.

Another officer began applying pain compliant strikes to the suspect, but they seemed to have no effect, the report read.

Additional SRT members who had been clearing the residence then rushed to help subdue the combative man.

One held his head and upper body to the ground, while another struggled to control his legs to prevent his attempts to stand up.

The officers were ultimately able to overpower the suspect, and placed him in handcuffs.

Once outside, the man falsely identified himself by using his brothers name, Capt. Bare said.

Emergency medical personnel were called to the scene and transported the male to the hospital for evaluation. He was ultimately released from the hospital, and was transported to the Raleigh County Sheriffs Office for processing, according to the arrest report.

An unnamed female was also arrested at the scene of the raid.

No officers were injured during the altercation, Capt. Bare told Blue Lives Matter.

At the station, the male suspect continued to identify himself as his brother, and even signed his fingerprint card in his brothers name, police said.

It was later found in this investigation that the male subject involved was David Bruce Gillespie due to the Live Scan machine sending us an alert [with his true identity], the arrest report read.

This is a shame, because all of this could have been avoided if you would have just complied with us and told the truth, one of the officers told Gillespie, 32, after his deception came to light.

Man, I knew I was wanted and didnt want to go to jail, Gillespie responded, according to the arrest report.

Gillespie has been charged with felony obstructing/attempt to disarm law enforcement, felony forgery for signing his elder brothers name, and two misdemeanor counts of obstructing, Capt. Bare said.

He was also wanted for probation violations stemming from past convictions for felony forgery and uttering, the captain added.

According to jail records, Gillespies bond has been set at $30,000.

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Really? And how did that work out for him? LOL


A few band-aids, a couple of aspirin, and a few weeks in the slammer, and he'll be all better for his court appearance. I'm amazed but relieved that none of the officers were hurt!


is this in major news? Noooooo because the thug is white. What color were the LEOs? if they were of another race, does that mean it's a race thing? Why is no one protesting this? Is it because it doesn't fit the agenda of certain media and groups? Serves this stupid idiot right. Too big and dumb to even be a criminal, and that's saying something.


I thank they did a good job Great work to our Blue,Be safe today


Looks like reasonable use of force to me. After all, he could be dead.