Baltimore Officer Shot - Third Officer Shot Sunday

Christopher Berg

A Baltimore police officer was shot Sunday night.

Baltimore, MD - A Baltimore police officer was shot Sunday night, according to the department.

The shooting occurred at around 6:30 p.m. in the area of Lexington Street and Fremont Avenue, according to The Baltimore Sun.

The department has not released any of the details surrounding the shooting as of the time of this writing.

The officer has not been identified and the extend of their injuries has not been disclosed. No information about the suspect was released.

The officer was transported to Shock Trauma where they are being treated for injuries.

This shooting is at least the third time an officer was shot this Sunday.

In what appears to be an attempted assassination of a police officer, a Selma officer was shot by a high-powered rifle while he was driving on patrol Sunday morning. That gunman remains at large.

Later in the afternoon, a Boston police officer was shot.

The Boston officer contacted a double-parked vehicle with blaring music when three men fled into a building and grabbed at their waists. When the officer followed them into the building, he was shot in the leg.

All three suspects were taken into custody after a brief SWAT standoff.

Both the Boston and Selma officer are expected to survive.

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Praying for the safety of all LEOs and K9s and for the recovery of the wounded LEOs, in addition to comfort and peace to those who have lost a LEO.

No. 1-4

No, Burgers. It would not matter.


I am from Baltimore, Murderland as they call it and am glad to report the Officer is going to make it. Prayers going out to his family and fellow LEO's 🙏🙏🙏


stay strong, stay safe out there.