Baltimore Deputy Will Raise Children Of Daughter Murdered While Pregnant

A Baltimore deputy has taken on raising four grandchildren after his daughter was fatally shot by her fiance.

Baltimore, MD – A veteran Baltimore sheriff’s deputy and his wife will be raising their four grandchildren after their pregnant daughter was murdered by her fiancé.

Jasmine Kennedy, the daughter of Baltimore Sheriff’s Deputy James Dunton, was fatally shot on May 1, while she was seven months pregnant, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Doctors managed to save her baby, but the deputy’s daughter did not survive the brutal attack by her baby’s father, 30-year-old Eric Glass.

Glass shot Kennedy in the head, and then tried to shoot himself but survived, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Kennedy’s 15-year-old son found his mother, and grabbed his 11-year-old brother and six-year-old sister and ran for help at a neighbors’ house. The boys are both from their mother’s previous relationship. The little girl and the new baby were fathered by Glass.

Police said Glass followed the children to the neighbor’s house and forced himself inside, where he punched the neighbor who was protecting the children.

The neighbor was still fighting with Glass in the street when police arrived, The Baltimore Sun reported.

An officer tased Glass twice but he continued to fight with police, and it eventually took three officers to subdue him.

Deputy Dunton and his wife Kimberly are now raising his daughter’s children, including newborn Kennedy Love who was finally released from the University of Maryland Neonatal Intensive Care Unit on Tuesday night, WMAR reported.

The Baltimore Sheriff’s Office threw a baby shower on Tuesday evening to raise funds to help the grandparents support their very full household, and find a bigger house that can accommodate everybody.

WBFF reported that the shower raised thousands of dollars to help the deputy and his wife with the expenses of unexpectedly raising four children, including a premature infant.

"They've been outstanding, they’ve done so much they outdid themselves," Deputy Dunton gratefully told WMAR.

He said raising his grandchildren will help keep his daughter in his heart and mind, but he admitted it wasn’t easy.

"I'm not worried, it’s new and it’s challenging, very challenging, especially with the teenagers," Deputy Dunton said.

He said he hoped his daughter’s death would help raise awareness about the epidemic of domestic violence.

"Domestic violence is real as we see, it never really hits you in the face until it hits home,” his wife Kimberly said.

"It could happen to anybody. Me being law enforcement it's the last thing I expected. Anybody that knows anything about anybody going through domestic violence, if you know anything, just say something," Deputy Dunton urged.

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Hats off to you and your wife, Deputy! God Bless you and these sweet children who have been through hell.


This is what real men and women do—and much to their credit—they step up. So sorry for those children to find their mom like that. Their grandparents can provide a solid home with love and good role models, thankfully.


This is a sad story ! So now this grandfather has to raise his grandchildren. While grieving for his daughter. Is anyone protesting this? Is he ready to sue the perp? Like so many want to sue the Police?


God Bless you for what you're doing and prayers for the hard and difficult loss you will deal with for a lifetime!!!


Heartbreaking on daughter but so great you r raising grandkids! One day at a time!