2 Officers Suspended For Releasing Bodycam Of Mayor's Son Threatening Cop's Job

Aurora police officials suspended two officers who they said leaked video of the Denver mayor's son's misbehavior.

Aurora, CO Two Aurora police officers have been suspended for leaking bodycam footage of the Denver mayors son spouting vulgar slurs at an officer who stopped him for speeding.

Aurora Police Officer Paul McClendon initiated a traffic stop on 22-year-old Jordan Hancock at about 7:47 a.m. on March 23 after the son of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock clocked in at 65 mph in a 40 mph zone, KDVR reported.

The entire interaction between Hancock and Officer McClendon was captured on the officers bodycam, and showed Hancock behaving in a rude and disrespectful manner toward Officer McClendon from the first moment of the encounter.

Part of the outrageous video was leaked to the public in May, and it was so bad that the mayor of Denver had to issue a public apology on behalf of his son.

The last thing we want is young men interacting with our police officers in that manner, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said when the bodycam was leaked. Particularly, African-American young men and so [Jordan] recognizes that and he certainly understands that the officer didnt deserve the interaction that he had So hes written an apology to the officer and he hopes that one day he gets a chance to personally apologize.

Aurora PD brass were furious about the early release of the bodycam video clips and vowed to locate and hold somebody accountable for the leak.

However, they were forced to release the entire 15-minute bodycam recording on Aug. 15 after a public records request was made, KDVR reported.

But then internal affairs went on the hunt for the culprit who had leaked the video earlier.

The departments investigation determined that Officer McClendon was not responsible for the bodycam leak; however, they determined that he had shown the video to Officer Paul Timmons, who recorded the interaction with the mayors son on his cell phone, KDVR reported.

Officer Timmons showed the video to Officer Judy Gurley-Lutkin, and Officer Gurley-Lutkin showed it to her husband, the investigation revealed.

Aurora police officials didnt say whether they thought Officer Gurley-Lutkin or her husband had leaked the video to the media, but both Officer Gurley-Lutkin and Officer Timmons were given a one-day suspension at the end of the investigation, KDVR reported.

The controversial video showed Jordan Hancock cursing at Officer McClendon, using gay slurs to insult him, and boasting about how his father was mayor and how he would have the officer fired.

Good morning. Clocked you on my laser at 65 miles an hour, the officer greeted Hancock, who had only opened the window about two inches.

Okay, write your ticket, lets go, Hancock replied dismissively in the video.

Alright, well give me your drivers license, Officer McClendon instructed the mayors son.

I dont have my I.D. on me right now. I lost my wallet, Hancock told the officer.

You okay? Alright, do you have a valid drivers license? Officer McClendon asked.

I got somewhere to go. Yeah. My wallet was stolen. I dont have it on me, Hancock explained.

Well its going to take a little while. You need to calm down a little bit, okay, the officer told him.

Im good. This needs to hurry up, Hancock insisted on the video.

This isnt going to hurry up because you dont have your drivers license, Officer McClendon replied.

At that point, Officer McClendon asked to see the vehicles paperwork, and when the Hancock handed it to him, he noticed the name on the registration wasnt the same as the one the man had given him.

Jordan, how come this title is in the name of Michael B. Hancock? McClendon asked.

Because thats my mother-f--king dad, Hancock replied sarcastically.

Cause thats your mother-f--king dad? OK, the officer mimicked him. So its your dads car then.

The video showed Officer McClendon returned to his motorcycle and ran the vehicles tags, and the drivers information, through his dispatcher. Then he issued Hancock a ticket.

He returned to the car, handed Hancock his ticket, and explained that because it was for 25 mph over the speed limit there was a mandatory court appearance.

Hancock was rude and told the officer to hurry up and get back on his motorcycle and go so he could leave, the video showed.

The officer politely told Hancock he was good to go and returned to his motorcycle. But then he realized that he should have taken the drivers picture as was required when the person doesnt have an I.D. on them for a traffic stop.

When the officer told Hancock he was taking his picture, it seemed to put the angry young man over the edge.

Thats why Im your boss, b---h, Hancock told the officer as he began to walk away. My dads the mayor you f--king f--got.

Mayor of what? Of Denver? Officer McClendon asked.

Yeah, exactly motherf--ker. Hancock told him. Dont worry about it, b---h.

Well youre in Aurora, bud. He aint mayor of Aurora, the officer told Hancock.

And guess what? Im about to get you fired you f--king b---h! he told the officer, as he laughed in his face, the video showed.

For what? Officer McClendon asked, remaining calm throughout Hancocks tantrum.

Yeah exactly, dont worry about it. Hey, been [unknown], you f--king b---h, Hancock replied.

OK, Im sure your dad is going to be proud, Officer McClendon said and then the video ended.

After the full bodycam video was released on Aug. 15, the mayors office said Jordan Hancock had apologized to Officer McClendon in person, KDVR reported.

He also paid his $275 speeding ticket, the mayors office said.

Hancock was also uncooperative with officers on Sep. 28, 2014, when investigators questioned him about the shooting of 19-year-old Jalen Robinson, The Denver Post reported.

Robinson, who was traveling in an SUV with Hancock and other friends, was shot in the back of the head by front seat passenger Eddie Johnson.

Hancock claimed that the round was fired by someone outside of the vehicle, although Johnson later pleaded guilty to multiple charges related to the incident.

Robinson survived his injury.

You can see the bodycam video below:

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There are idiots in every race of people.


At least the God fearin' leaders of the city of Aurora know who the real bad guys here are. Maybe they ought to follow the lead of East Pittsburgh and disband the police department. That will certainly fix this sort of problem.


What a crock....Whoever elects these people into office need their heads examined. The disgusting display of the mayors son should have been posted. Look what the black community posts about police supposedly doing the wrong thing. This country needs to take it back and make people responsible for their actions and not let them out of jail on a race card either. I'm so sick of all of this........


Doesn't Internal Affiairs have better things to do then look after the mayors son?? Going after the cops that released the footage is a joke.


Sad as these reprisals are, leaking the recording was totally worth it, if only because of all the public embarrassment and aggravation that it brought to the mayor and his son, who by the way has one of the most punchable faces I've ever seen.