Audit Shows Maryland Issued Hundreds Of Licenses To Illegals Aliens

An audit showed that the state of Maryland had issued hundreds of driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

Baltimore, MD - A recent audit found that the state of Maryland had issued hundreds of fraudulent driver's licenses to illegal immigrants without legal documentation, after employees failed to verify their information.

Auditors also found that in more than 100 separate cases, the names used to get driver’s licenses or ID cards did not match the identification number on the required comptroller’s letter.

The same address was found to have been used to obtain 40 different driver's licenses.

The state legislative audit was released to the public Nov. 22 and found as many as 826 driver's licenses had been issued using counterfeit documents, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) investigators were unable to confiscate most of the improperly issued driver's licenses because they had fraudulent addresses.

The licenses in question are the second tier-kind, created in 2013 by Maryland lawmakers as a way to ensure undocumented immigrants could obtain legal identification and be allowed to legally drive on state roads.

The second-tier licenses do not meet federally-required security standards, and cannot be used to board an airplane, or enter a federal building.

They are issued to applicants who do not have a social security card, but have paid taxes within Maryland for at least two years.

Maryland had issued more than 86,200 of the driver’s licenses and IDs by August of 2016.

The licenses require a verification letter from the state comptroller's office saying that the applicant has paid taxes, and each letter is supposed to have a unique number for taxpayer identification.

The authenticity of the taxpayer identification number is determined when a person applies online in advance for the licenses. Applicants must apply in advance, and licenses should not be issued to anyone who hasn’t be authenticated.

The MVA launched an internal investigation in 2016 after an employee reported suspicious activity by two colleagues.

An audit found that in 2016, a single branch of the MVA issued 270 licenses based on fraudulent documents during a six-month period.

State auditors discovered the problem was more widespread than originally thought, and questioned whether the MVA had fixed the process.

They found that a single verification letter from the comptroller's office was used repeatedly to obtain 16 driver's licenses or ID cards.

In response to the audit, MVA officials said it had fired two employees after finding they had violated the policy of not processing applications unless people had applied online first. The employees were referred to the authorities, WRC-TV reported.

Officials said they closed the loophole allowing a comptroller's identification letter to be used more than once in April.

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Heck, that's a Tuesday here in California! Since the Gov (Moonbeam) pushed for illegals to get licenses, we have thousands on the road, and also the insurance rates to prove it!


But, there is NO illegal voting... (right.)



BrenPD is right. I worked in North Carolina, and understand the time and manpower factor. You do the best you can every day.


This is outrageous and disappointing to say the least. This has happened to me with three different people. Why is it that easy to get a license but to enroll your child in school you have to provide everything but a blood sample! Maryland we have to do better!


As a Police Officer in NJ, I've seen Maryland licenses and plates here for years carried by hispanic people. It was a common thing for them to get DLs in Maryland because they couldn't fulfill the requirements to obtain NJ licenses. We didn't have the time or the manpower to track down where they actually lived in NJ. But the only thing we could do to them is to issue a summons for failure to change license within 60 days of NJ residency 39:3-17.1a But the point is moot because the Maryland license is fraudulent to begin with and they would fail to pay the summons, a warrant would be issued to the false MD address and nothing would happen unless they get caught again with the same license.